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I am still NED FREE ppl.

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Hey Guys
sorry that I havent been posting here lately its just been busy here with all the stuff I been dealing with but I had my PET scan last thursday and met with the chemo doctor yesterday and he said I am still NED aka cancer free so I been cancer free now for 2 years since nov 2010 and also I just wanted to pass along that me and my wife just had are baby girl about month ago and now she is upto 8lbs and 20.5 inches long from birth at 5lbs 10.5 oz 18inches long.

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2 year NED. Its always good to hear survivor stories to help us see the other side of this fight. Also to have a baby girl thats growing like a weed is icing on the cake.

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Excellent news....

So many great reports today...

It truely is a Thanksgiving to remember...


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Nice to see old timers coming back to say they are NED. I too am NED for over 2 years. My first was July of 2010 and had one in August 2012 too....Now get on with life and enjoy the new normal pal....
all the best,

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Hi timreichhart,

Congratulations on your 2nd year clear and a baby too. I read through your bio and boy have you traveled a busy path, but the path you followed led to NED. Nothing wrong with that at all, way to go.



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all these wonderful NED reports today is so encouraging...thank you!

Congratulations Tim on your "unremarkable" report....and a huge one on your baby girl...


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congratulations on your NED. Enjoy your little baby. Life is good.

Posts: 344
Joined: Sep 2012

congratulations on your NED. Enjoy your little baby. Life is good.

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Double good news. Good for you and your family. Rick.

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On both the NED and the sweet baby girl! Both those things can cause a great big smile!!!

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Pam M
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Sounds like a whole lotta happy for one house. Good.

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Continued NED news and a new, healthy baby! Go buy a lottery ticket--you're on a roll!


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Hi there !
2yrs out and NED ! And now a little bundle of joy to boot...life is really wonderful ! Wishing your family a wonderful holiday season ! Katie

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So special a baby. congrats!

so very special more NED's, congrats!

so much to be thankful for, celebrate and continue to have fun.


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So wonderful to hear you have been cancer free for two years now and you have a new baby to boot. Sounds like you are living life. That is great.

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Do the Happy Dance with NED this Thanksgiving!


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Great news Tim. Thanks for coming on and sharing that news ......



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I just love all those beautiful news on this board lately!!! I'm so glad for your NED!!! I hope it stays that way in the future!!

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