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Thanksgiving with NED

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I don't make it back here as often as I should. As the months turned into years after the end of treatment in late spring in 2010, I kind of got wrapped up in living the "new" normal. All-in-all the new normal has been pretty good.

Anyway, I just got the results back from my annual CT Scan of the neck / chest. I love the term "unremarkable" in the description of test results. The scans were clear, the scoping of my throat looked good and no sign of lesions or lumps.

Looks like I'll be having Thanksgiving with NED again this year!

As I've remarked before, the treatment was tough. The road to recovery was a filled with pot holes, but the outcome was worth every trial and tribulation.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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Hi Rush,

Congratulations on the “unremarkable” scan, GO NED!!!

I have been known to cruise the old threads and I am quite surprised how many “old timers” or “long timers” (the smarter H&N warriors) still drop in. Unfortunately there are so many of us rookies there to take up the slack.

I am so glad you are back in the game of life; it sometimes seems to be “over there” and just out of reach. So you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I will too. You see, I am starting to eat and what a good chance to try a variety of foods.



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What is better than spending Thanksgiving with NED? :)) Congratulations and it is great to hear news like that!!! Stay well!!

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Hi there ! It's wonderful to hear from folks that continue to post (good or bad) for us new/semi new members ! Congradualtions on the clean scan results ! Have a wonderful holiday season ! Katie

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"unremarkable" sounds wonderful to me....LOL. Congrats on your NED (gawd, I LOVE those words)!!

Merry TG day to you and yours, also...last year at this time, I knew something was wrong, but I had NO clue what was going on...this year, even being only 3 months out of the last treatment, I feel pretty darn good...and without the atmosphere of something dreadful hanging over me.

Glad you stopped in!! Life is for doing...but it's still nice to hear from the graduating classes....


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So happy for your NED, what amazing news. I'm like Phrannie, last year this time something wasn't right and now that I just found out I'm NED about a month ago I plan on enjoying this thanksgiving too! Enjoy your turkey day and here's to many many more!!!

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congratulations to you and you truly will have a most thankful thanksgiving.

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It's good to see old timers like me here to spread the good news. I too am NED for the holidays. got my news in august and feeling great too..

All the best,

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Enjoy your Thanksgiving and all your cancer-free holidays to come!

- Sonja

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to you and your family Rush. Its always good to hear from the survivors.

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Good hearing from you my man....

Actually, if I'm not mistaken, you have a birthday coming up as well....

So this Thanksgiving has a dual meaning for you, and the gift of NED.

I will raise my turkey leg in salute in your honor my friend...


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