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Need a couple of more prayers

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Hey guys. Dad will have another CT scan tomorrow and get the results on the 30th. I have a very strong feeling we will be back in treatment. He is starting to have some mild ear and jaw pain. Please pray that we caught it and time and the chemo works as well has it has before.

Also, my boyfriend just found out the he needs to go the UVA to get evaluated for a heart transplant. He has been battling some heart issues for awhile, but did not expect this.

I am praying for all of you and your family and I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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I'm sending a prayer for a good scan and that your boyfriend's evaluation turns out well too.


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Hi Kathy,

A prayer for a good scan, a prayer for a health heart and a prayer for you.



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Man when it rains it pours. My prayers and thoughts are with you on everything ! Stay positive, and keep us posted ! Katie

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Let it all be ok for you! I will send some positive vibes and energy your way!

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Coming your way Kathy....

Nothing but positive thoughts, and strong prayers for you, and your family.


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Pam M
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Hoping there's some inflammation or another reason for the mild pain your dad's having.

A heart transplant? How scary. But it could be a real boost for him if he does get a new heart, I'm thinking. Hoping you have a great Thanksgiving, followed by good news.

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Will print and add it on my prayer list each nitht till 30th :)

Praying for the best!!


Kent Cass
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Hopes and Prayers for your Dad and boyfriend that the best of solutions becomes fact for both of them. If your boyfriend is half the fighter your Dad is- might become the first and only Outpatient heart transplant case in history!


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Prayers and positive thoughts headed your way.


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