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First Scan

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Hi, i have been visiting this forum since mid June. Never posted before, but have been praying for you all ever since.
My mom just had her 4 months follow up ct scan, the result says she has small nodules in the lung, the biggest 4mm. According to her initial scan, these nodules were there and remain unchanged. So, my question is, do you think it could be something related to rcc or not? The doctor said no to worry, but i'm not sure about it.
Her path report was: T2, N0, MX. Grade 3.
Thank you, and i’m sorry for the bad English.
ps: i don't know if you guys refer to these findings as "nodules" or something else.

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Hi rccmom,

Caregivers get a special welcome here, you go through more emotional trauma and fear than us patients go through without the outlet that you provide for us. Sure, we have the surgery and scars, but you travel a path that I believe is much tougher. About your mom, I will only say that as long as her nodules remain unchanged they are probably not worth worrying about, you will likely field comments from others much more experienced than me on the subject. This is a very supportive group and we'll help any way we can.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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my first scan showed a small nodule in my lung,the doctors were not concerned and scans afterwards did not show anything. if they are unchanged they will continue to monitor them so try not to worry.


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