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Happy Day!

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Hi my friends,

Today I am thankful for all of you for your caring support and understanding during my continuing journey with this dreaded disease. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving. We all don't need one day a year do we? Being grateful each and every day for the sunrise and all the things each day my bring! I pray that you feel good today and if you don't I pray that what you're feeling today passes. And thank you researchers- keep working and find us a cure!


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Ditto Donna :).

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday.
I wish for peace in our hearts, strength to overcome our challenges,
and the kind of love that supports both.

Thank you all for being here.


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Let's all eat too much tell a tall tale or two and argue with our families, oh how I love the holidays ;) and I love y'all too

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Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I am in the midst of 4 weekly sessions of Rituxan, but my reports are good from the Oncologist and I have more energy. So something to be thankful for! Next year my husband and I will be with the relatives, I hope. They do not live nearby.


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My wife pointed out last February that "every day is Valentine's day for us" and I cannot top that. I give thanks each morning before my feet hit the floor. Even the rain now feels life-giving. Thank you for the timely reminder!

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Hi Donna,
I count my blessings EVERY day! I'm so glad you are doing well...it's been a long haul getting here. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving also! Love...Sue

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Thanks Donna! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!! Vinny

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