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Genetic testing

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I was DXed with DCIS in July 2009. Lumpectomy and brachytherapy went well. All subsequent semiannual mammograms have been A-OK. Now a new gynecologist is insisting that I get genetic testing. As with so many of us, I had no family history of breast cancer. I feel she is pushing this as part of some agenda she has, not for my good. What do you all think?

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My sister had the testing done and was positive, I'm not sure that knowledge did much for us. My middle sister had it too and it was positive for her too. I choose not to have the testing done as for me it makes no real difference, my kids know the risk's they are up against and what they can do to avoid cancer (if that is possible). Personally I think she is overstepping her bounds if she is pressuring you! My onco mentioned it to me and I told him I did not want the testing and he asked why I told him and that was the end of that. If I were you and you do not want the testing I would tell her you do not want the testing and wish no longer discuss it as it is not an option for you. For goodness sakes this is your body, your cancer and ultimately your choice! Wishing you all the best.


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It's always been my understanding that it's standard practice for BRCA testing to only be recommended when there's a family history.

I have a strong family history on my father's side, so my surgeon recommended testing when I was diagnosed, to help us make the decision between lumpectomy and mastectomy.

My insurance covered the cost of the test, but I would suggest you ask ahead of time whether your insurance will cover the test without a family history. I recall the test costing about $3000.


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I considered it but all the questions were about cancer before age 50. I was 58. My concern was that with my family history it would not be covered. I also did not understand why it was suggested after my surgery and radiation.b shouldn't that have been part of the pre treatment process? they said my relatives could have mammograms 10 years before my diagnosis if I was positive. That's 48. They would qualify anyway.


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I agree it is a personal decision and we all have our personal reasons why or why not we got tested. For me, I got cancer. Enough said for me.

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In addition to age and family history, decent/ origin and other cancers could be a decisive factor. please go to
http://www.myriad.com/ and ask her why she feels so strongly about testing. Of course you need to make sure it will be covered by insurance
I have had it, it came back negative

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I was the first one to have breast cancer of Grade 3. I had 4 older sisters one passed away with ovarian cancer 12 years ago. i also did the Test too. it came back negative.

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I was told by my Dr that there was no need to do it with Inflammatory BC unless there was a second type (Ductal or Lobular) found in surgery path. report or a family history. They 'just' found IBC and no known cancer. In family for 4 generations at least - so no test.

Also told no reason for an Onco test as knowing that it was IBC that Chemo was required.

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