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radiation destroying her insides?

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i was wondering if anyone else has had the pain (and the solution) to having intense pain from radiation. primarily while peeing or pooping.. my mom is having tremendous pains while goin to the bathroom. it literally sounds like she is dying ...
it doesn't matter what she eats either.

any solutions??

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Has she brought these issues to the attention of her doctor? If not, she should do so immediately.

Marie who loves kitties

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Radiation can damage any of the normal tissues it passes through on it's way to the cancer. Particularly tissues with rapid cell turn over are sensitive so the lining of bowel and bladder can be affected. However pain like that is a sign of something not right (might not be the radiotherapy causing it but still is not normal) and agree with Marie it must be flagged to her team as an issue ASAP.


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I agree the first thing that needs to be done is share this concern with her medical team. I will say though that when I went through radiation treatment I was told to drink pure lemon juice and pure cranberry juice everyday which I did for the first 5 weeks and honestly it got very old. I thought well I am not having burning issues on urination so I will be fine without drinking all of the juice. Well in a couple of days the horrible burning started and I got back to drinking my squeezed lemon juice and my pure cranberry juice and the burning stopped. I continued to drink lemon juice and cranberry juice for a couple of weeks after radiation treatment ended because I did not want to have that burning. Check with her doctors and see if this may work for her too.

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During my radiation course I did have intense burning pain at one point. Called the radiation oncologist. He said it was most likely a urinary tract infection. We treated it with an antibiotic. I was much better in 24 hours. From that incident on, I have had a half glass of cranberry juice every day. No more UTIs. Good luck to your mom. If it's a UTI, it can be treated quickly.

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