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Head and neck cancer now multiple myeloma

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My husband is being treated for Stage IV oropharyngeal cancer. On October 26th he became very ill and could not eat or drink anything. At first they thought he had a blockage in his intestines. It ended up being hypercalcemia. They told us at first it was from his head and neck cancer. After more blood work and a decline in health they have now determined he also has multiple myeloma. We are now in a whirlwind of activity since he is already completing radiation and was supposed to have chemo, but has been too sick. Now we are told we have to see a hematology oncologist and will most likely have another form of chemo. I am so stressed out.

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I have been through Multiple Myeloma 2 years ago. The chemo that my Hematologist put me on was Valcade, Revilimid and dexamethizone. I was on chemo, which was mild for appx. 3 months. Then I was scheduled for a Stem cell transplant. They use my own stem cells. Then they gave me a chemo that shut my bone marrow down (this chemo was strong) and gave me my stem cells back after a day or two. i was released by the transplant dr. after 12 days and have not scene him after my 100 day check-up.
Make sure that the dr. are giving med for nausea, because that was the one thing that my dr. forgot. I got meds after I was sick in the clinic.
I know all the info that you read is doom and gloom, but a positive attitude will help.

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You are so right about the whirlwind of activity - and there is so much doom and gloom.
Keep researching and talking to people - find a multiple mmyeloma support group close to
you. Talk with the people who are the 10 - 15 - 20 year survivors to keep up your spirits. It is tough to do but stay positive - they are making strides with the chemo
for MM - hopefully you have an onocologist you trust (and check the internet for new
therapies). Put one foot in front of the other and take a breath - then do it again.
Stay strong!

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Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately we found out David has Primary Plasma Cell Leukemia. Very rare 1:1,000,000 chance of getting it. No cure and very little success treating it for more than a few months. I am devastated. David is tired and sick but wants to fight.

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 When myeloma cells accumulate in the bones, they can crowd out normal cells and invade bone tissue, damaging and weakening bones.

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