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Wow, my body really did not like Miracle Mouthwash

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Got some this morning and swished a bit, tasted like crap and numbed my whole mouth. Two hours later, violent vomiting followed by severe diarrhea. Guess that means no more of this stuff for me. Amazing, first time in all three sessions of my Induction I was sick enough to vomit. Eeesh.


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for me but just the concept of numbing my mouth thru me off so I only used it once a little on the tongue. I recall it helped me eat a little but that was the 1st and last time I used it. However some on this site swear by it.

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also, there are quite a few different magic mouthwash recipes. most recent I had was lidocaine, benadryl, and maalox.
you might be able to get your doc to vary the formula if one of the ingredients bothers you.
unless it's the lidocaine that you're having trouble with. in that case, you're in a hard place. can't imagine what I would have done without lidocaine for all the nights of 2AM mouth pain.

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Hi Joe,

I am so sorry it did not work; I am one who swears by it. Of course I had a special vintage made special for me and I loved it. I would sip, swish and swallow. It allowed me great comfort and a little shot at bedtime was all it took to send me to dream land. I would even take a sip (in the parking lot) just prior to rads. I did not worry about the taste because I had no taste. I blew through a six pack of the stuff and never had a speck of trouble. To be honest, I have tasted it since rad treatments and the stuff is difficult to stomach. So the moral of the story is, if your Magic Mouth Wash doesn’t come from the fertile valleys of Oregon it might taste like c_ _ _.



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I had it for mouth sores...but damn! That stuff stings bad before it numbs anything...I did kinda like the taste tho....(ok,so I'm weird...LOL).


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I tried it a couple of times and it burned so bad before it numbed me. And then the numbness wore off in a few minutes. So I quit using it.

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D Lewis
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Swallowing made me sick. I swished and spit out. Works just as well, if you hold it in your mouth a bit.


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Turns out this concoction that they made me had Nystain (sp?) in it. When they gave that to me for thrush I was immediately sick and stayed that way for two days. Now we know I'm allergic to it and we'll try again.

btw, swish and spit.


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Swish & spit....

Glad you figured out what the problem might have been... It is truely a miracle drug that works wonders short term...


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