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Is it normal for a port to hurt still after 4 weeks?

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I had my port put in the left side of my chest at the end of October. Sometimes it is uncomfortable when I lay in bed. It feels like it is pinching. Sometimes when I am just sitting watching tv I get a pain in it too. Is this normal? Does anyone else have issues like this?

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My port is on the right side of my chest and yes it was the same for me,little pain stinging twinges for some time. It has been almost a year and i still dont like to sleep on my right side I guess i will always feel it there. But on the bright side i can asure you it has not slowed me down the entire summer did a ton of swimming,yard work,gardening,etc. and now im doing physical therapy,weight lifting and various other rehab things so i guess what im trying to say is that it will get better shortly and you should be able to resume back to normal activity once you feel better (Sorry about the long version of that had too much coffee today, trying to get ready for holiday LOL)

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I don't know but it wouldn't hurt to call your chemo nurse, maybe the doctor should check it.I have had mine for two and a half years and I don't even remember it is there anymore.


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Tina Brown
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My port - well the site of the port & the scar was sore for quite some time. I checked with my doctor at the time and he said it was just the healing. I've had my port in just over a year now and sometimes if I catch it in the shower it just feels weird - but doesn't hurt.


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My port is kind of an outie.... sticks right out there and the chemo nurses love it because it's easy to poke. It took me longer to heal from getting my port than my debulking surgery. I think it was because I started chemo and that slowed down the process. I've had mine for 6 1/2 years now and I still am bothered sleeping in certain positions and get little twinges sometimes. I think what you're experiencing is normal, but tell your ONC/nurses when you see them next time.
(((((HUGS))))) Maria

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