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PINK BUS please.............for 3rd time recently

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NOV 28th..next wed I am going in for partial mastectomy. (4 yrs ago lumpectomy-they said really the same thing different name)

NOT sure of the time of surgery so I"LL just book the BUS early Wednesday..I GOT a note to take total of 3 days off work-then have 2 days with the weekend.


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What would we all do without that bus..... God Luck and prayers to you. diana

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Well of course I'll be there. Anything special you'd like me to bring?

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Count me in! I'll be cheering you on!


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I will be thinking of you and sending you happy thoughts...(Are you going to ask for a pre-surgical MRI?)

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Hi, Would you explain for us newbies what the pink bus is? Are you near Disney World? I'll keep you in prayers for the 28th. Best wishes And hugs.

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I'll be on board...Pick me up

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I am not near Disney (MY goal it to live in the castle when I retire). I live in NYS-I am addicted and obsessed to Disney. When things go bad I think of Disney and helps get me through things...seriously!!!!!!!!!!

WE belong to DVC (disney vaction club) 45 yrs of time share-our home resort we can walk to Magic Kingdomin 10 mins..LOVE it..


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I live in NYS and my step-daughter is a Disney fan times 100. She and her family were just down there either the end of September or first part of October.

Safe travels on the pink bus, by the way. Looks like it is going out several times the next few days.


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When booking the PINK Bus is when we all load on to our imaginary bus and cheer each other one...I never asked in past but recently I have needed it 3 x in 6 wks...

this shall be over soon...for me ( I HOPE) one week from tomorrow is my surgery on same side again..I am praying it is ONLY scar tissue!


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I took the day off, so count me in. I wish that in real life I could go and be of some real help to you.

Will send all positive thoughts your way.

My very best for your surgery and with high hopes this will be it.


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Could someone please save me a seat!

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I will be there. Ready to hold your hand. My thoughts are with you.


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I' ll be aboard that magical pink bus! Hoping all goes well! Never be afraid to ask for that bus... what would we do without it? Keep us posted! Sue D

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Hugs, Kathi

Lynn Smith
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I'll be on the bus.I have an appt Tues for my Vitamin IV so I will be able to make it on Wednesday.

Wishing you the best.

Lynn Smith

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Thanks all...I call 5 today to get my arrival time. I am hoping for 6:30! we'll see...so if so be ready bright and early...


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Move over-I'm all aboard. I'll be praying hard for you and sending big hugs. Please let us know how you are doing!

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Just in case no one has called it, I call shotgun! I'll be praying for you!

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Hey Disneyfan!

I posted this for you on an OT thread, but not sure if you saw it

Here are some pics, you may appreciated and be amused by. Its an old school acquaintance of mine, who like you is Disney Obsessed! She moved here(Orlando) from NYC JUST to be near Disney. I live here too, but for other reasons.

This is the most Disney Obsessed person I have ever known, this is her home, where she and her husband live!

Enjoy, hope it gives you a little lift

Click HERE to see a Disney House Extrordinaire!

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