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new here.. Ovarian Cancer

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I am currently a little over half way done in my chemo, I have stage 1c Ovarian cancer mine is called GCT or Granulosa Cell Tumor which I understand to be a rare form of Ovarian Cancer. Just thought I would introduce myself here.

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You have come to a great site All the ladies here are so wonderful and knowledgable. Its a hard thing that we are going through but everyone here has some type of either personnal experience or advice that does make things easier to understand and even a little bit more managable. Stay Strong and rememeber your not alone with this.

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Nice to meet you , hate the reason you are here. This is. a great board with wonderful people to share your experiences with.

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Whoops !

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I was also 1C, but clear cell. Glad to hear you are over the halfway mark of your chemo treatments. I hope you are doing well, and that you visit often. This is a wonderful group of women, and even sometimes men chime in! We all have much to share.


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Welcome. I am sorry that you had to come here, but at least you caught the cancer before it progressed to another stage. Everybody is great on this site.

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You've come to the right place for information and support. I myself had six chemo treatments, each three weeks apart, and I remember distinctly how relieved I was after each treatment was finished. You're over half-way there; the end is in sight. You can do it!

Take care,


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I'm so glad you found us! ((((HUGS)))) Maria

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