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Here in the U.S. we're starting Thanksgiving week. For those abroad who don't know the origins of this holiday, it was originally observed in 1621 at the Massachusetts Bay Colony to celebrate the survival of the first year the pilgrims were there, and they only survived because of the help from their Indian neighbors who helped them with farming, foraging and hunting to get by. Over the centuries, it has evolved to be a greatly loved American holiday with the core principle being to give thanks to God (or who/whatever a person wishes to thank) for the good things which have happened to us in the previous year.

For me, one of the most wonderful things about Thanksgiving is that it hasn't turned into some commercialized excuse to sell candy, toys, cards etc. Probably the closest thing to commercialization associated with the day is the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade; but that's not really about Thanksgiving. It's the kicking off point for the Christmas season (hence Santa Claus always being on the last float of the parade.) No, Thanksgiving has always managed to remain a day devoted to family, friends and acknowledging the Blessings we have experienced.

For that last part, I would like to invite all of our CSN family and friends to join us in spirit this Thursday by participating in your own dinner of love, happiness and thanks. I do know that other countries have their own days of Thanksgiving, so to me it would be a lovely sentiment for us to spiritually participate on those days as well.

This year, the thing that I shall be most thankful is the love, friendship and support that I've found here on CSN. I may or may not ever met anyone from this board (but I sure hope that I do!) and still you will all be with me in my heart always.

God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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Thank you for this post.

Since it has been exactly one year since I was dx'd, my list of Thanks goes to everyone who has helped me in this incredible journey of the past 12 months.

The list certainly includes those here on the CSN and those who have past on to Heaven during the past year. I'm extremely grateful for my wife and four kids as well as my mom, brother and sisters and all the good friends that have joined me in prayer and for the employees at our printing company here in Toledo.

My best "side effect" from my Cancer is the friendships and love that I've experienced from everyone around me.

I give great thanks to God and to everyone around me this week.

Go Blue! & Go Irish!


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We to look forward to our Thanksgiving get together. Its up in the air where we are spending it. Have onc appoitment today so if I get treatment will stay home if not well be going to Cincinnati. The CSN group is so much like a family and pray everyone has a great Thankgivin and enjoy the day. Jeff

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There are so many things that I am thankful for it would take all day to list them. The most important thing is that most of my family will be together Thursday to celebrate the day (oldest granddaughter has to work).

I am also thankful for those in this world who try to make even the smallest thing better for another, which includes all of you here. Having the love and support of so many is truely a blessing.

May each of you, as you search your heart, find many many things to be thankful for on this day of rememberance.

Love and hugs to all,

Marie who loves kitties

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for the gang here, but at the top of my list is Noah, aka "Little Man" in my avatar. He's almost 4 months and he puts a "smile in my heart," just like his momma always has. It's been a bizarre year, having been dx in February, but it's focused my thankfulness on all my blessings. It's weird that hearing a doctor say the "terminal" word helps you to enjoy life to its fullest, but it has. Here's wishing you all a great Holiday, at home with family and friends, if at all possible. Hugs, Dan

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My sister and I will be cooking Thanksgiving at my house. My son and daughter and their own little families will be here as well.
Thanksgiving, actually all the holidays, is so much more meaningful since the diagnosis.
Happy Thanksgiving to all at CSN!!!

Brenda Bricco
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Happy Thanksgiving Doc, GOD bless you.

Brenda Bricco
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Happy Thanksgiving Doc, GOD bless you!

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You are on point as usual. This season is one of healing relationships and rebuilding bridges. We all have something to be grateful for; even if it is not obvious at the moment. More than others we have a strong cyber family here at CSN that uplifts and supports us. We can talk about things that we can not mention to friends or family; they simply could not handle it in many cases.

I have come to realize in my own life that there may be a limit to the number of Thanksgivings I have left. This understanding started out as a depressing thought. But, it soon blossomed into a passion to do my best to enjoy each that I may have left.

Just like Doc, I am grateful for the friends and emotional supporters that are here at CSN. We do not have the opportunities to vent, rant or share our humanness with our own family, or even the medical team.

You are all a Blessing :-)

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We all have much to be thankful for. Enjoy the day!!

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I try to Thank the Lord every day for the many blessings bestowed upon me. Each day is a gift. And each interactaction I have with other people is a treasure. I am truly thankful for a beautiful and caring wife who has supported me every day. I'm thankful for being a dad to two beautiful children (20 boy, 27 girl). I'm thankful for having an important role in the lives of my three wonderful step-children (24 girl, 22 girl, and 12 boy). I am thankful for supportive and caring family (brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles). I am thankful for the best friends that a man could ask for. I am thankful for all the wonderful people that I work with - they are truly amazing. I am thankful for a beautiful home in the country, surrounded by amazing wild life. I am thankful for being...

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Great topic. I'm thankful that I am alive today and can sit here and type this reply to your thread. And a special thanks to my CSN buds. You rock!

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I believe one of the best part of Thanksgiving is that everyone celebrates what they have been thankful for over the past year. It brings all of us together because Thanksgiving supersedes religious and nationality. If you are in the USA you are welcome to join us all in celebrating Life! When I was in College, I made sure to invite the foreign students to celebrate with us. I have kept up that tradition by always inviting any foreign friend or client to join the Great Celebration of Life.

We moved to a remote Mountain Community and have a couple invites from neighbors to join in Thanksgiving. That is what makes it such a great holiday for me.

Best Always, mike

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Thank you for starting this thread and you are right, we all have different ways of celebrating (the Parade is not my thing), but family is one of the most important aspects of Thanksgiving.

We are going to have the family over (approximately 23 people) and because I've just come home from surgery my husband is making the turkey (with me observing :)), the kids are bring the rest of the meal. Usually, I'm the one who made everything for dinner and no one brought anything, but this year is totally different.

Thanksgiving always brings a bitter/sweet Holiday as it was the day before Thanksgiving for my colonoscopy and that is when they told me that they saw something and it wasn't hemorrhoids so although there was thanks for other things that Thanksgiving, the day was filled with anxiety waiting for the pathology report that would come the following Monday.

Everyone here has become part of my extended family and you all genuinely give of your time and support to all that are here. For that, I'm forever grateful. I'm thankful for all of you.

I'm thankful to my wonderful God, husband and family who have been with me through this journey. They have seen me through the tears, the smiles, the anxiety and they still continued to be there at my side and for that I'm truly grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving to a wonderful group of people.

God has Blessed me immensely and that is the most important part of my Thanksgiving.

Hugs! Kim

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wow! what an outstanding post. thank you. thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. among other things, i am thankful that i found this board. thank you to everyone who takes their time to respond to the posts as it really does help a person/s. happy thanksgiving everyone!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
I am thankfull for everyone I have met here on this site.. both passed and alive... I am thankful for their support and presence.. and compassion.. Thank you..
I hope I have been as helpful for others..
It is 2 years ago I was diagnosed and I have ask many questions here and receive much good advice. Thank you!!!
I am thankful for my faith, my love and ability to hope..
I wish that we will all be able to share many many many more Thanksgivings together..
Stay warm and emjoy the day...
eat lots of Turkey and Stuffing and Cranberries...
Watch the Parades and Miracle on 34th Street (in black and white)
My Love,

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