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Getting pregnant after high dose of Cisplatin

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Is this even possible? I am still in my early 30s and my period is back to normal on the 2nd month completing the chemo treatment. Did some web searchings and it seems 2 yrs after the treatment is safe but also seen 5 yrs. I am afraid pregnancy will bring back cancer. I was pregnant when I was diagnosed NPC and had to terminate the pregnancy to do the treatment.

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D Lewis
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There are folks here who have successfully had babies following treatment. I'm sure they will chime in shortly. Life does return to normal. Only certain cancers are adversely affected by hormones, and I don't believe Head/Neck is one of them. Ask your doctor. So very sorry you had to terminate.


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Pam M
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We have had a couple folks here made babies after treatment - at least one very soon after treatment. I'd ask ALL my docs if I were you - just in case one of them has better info than the others.

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there are no hormone receptors in sccc, so this is not a concern. You really should just ask this question of the same physician who advised you before. Two years is generally enough delay after cisplatin, but if there is a baby in your future, why take any chances at all?


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Of course I am no MD, and nothing I say is professionally founded...

But I see no relationship at all of having H&N Cancer and becoming pregnant increasing chances of recurrence or a new cancer.

At least no more than any of us have at those same scenarios....

Of course your MD's are your professionals and will advise you.

I remember you.....

It's good to hear from you, and I hope all is well.


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I did not have SCC, but I had another type of H&N cancer and all of my MDs have told me there is no correlation between this type of cancer & pregnancy hormones.. Most that are affected by hormones are breast/GYN cancers. I did not have chemo, only radiation so my husband and I are currently trying to conceive. Your Drs will be able to give you a better time line on when it's safe to get pregnant, both for you and baby. I am so sorry that you had to terminate your last pregnancy for treatment, I just can't imagine how painful that must have been. Best of luck to you!

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I will check with my docs on my next appointment. I do not have children so it may worth the risk as long as the docs believe it is safe. Cancer came at a time where I was about to have a family and career, now it is back to the drawing board. I do not post much here but i do visit this site daily to see how's everybody doing.

Using my fiancé account


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Hey Guys
I am still around and kicking I just had my other pet scan last thursday and met up with chemo doctor and I am still cancer free for 2nd year in the row. But I just wanted to say me and my wife just had our baby girl about month ago but we waited about year and half before we even tried to make sure all the stuff was out of my system. Yes I had NPC back in March 2010. So I would wait about year or 2 years after your treatments are completely are finished before trying get pregnant because there could be some birth defects if you try it early after cancer treatments stops.

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Hi CherriBlossom!

I'm actually going through this right now. I was diagnosed with Stage III SCC of the left tonsil on 10/05/11 and I had one lymph node involved. I went through Chemoradiotherapy with Cisplatin and also had a neck dissection afterwards. Last Chemo was 12/12/11, last Rad was 01/05/12 and my surgery was 03/28/12. Through all of my treatment I lost 60+ lbs and my period became pretty regulated.

I already have a three year old daughter and I couldn't get pregnant with her on my own, so I didn't think it was possible to get pregnant again so soon after treatment. I found out a week after my 30th birthday in July that I was pregnant. I'm not a birth control candidate because I have a history of Blood Clots. My husband and I weren't even trying and purposely avoided being intimate during certain times to not get pregnant just in case, but when God has a plan, well, he has a plan.

I have had a wonderful pregnancy and since I can't have any scans, I have been having ultrasounds to monitor me and they have been fine. Head and neck cancers are not typically associated with hormones. Although they can come from HPV, they are not like Gynecological cancers that can come back with pregnancy. I was told by my oncologist that since it had been 6+ months since my last chemo, I should have been fine. I have been monitored pretty closely and right now I'm just counting down the days until I meet my very active and healthy baby boy!

It's entirely up to you though and what you feel comfortable with. I was going to wait until at least a year out to even think about trying again, but evidently there were other plans. My only complaint has been exhaustion. After radiation to that area, I had problems with hypothyroidism and pregnancy has only magnified it. Otherwise, it's honestly up to what you feel comfortable with.

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Thanks Amanicothomp! I had this conversation with my doc a week ago and he basically said the same thing what you and others here already mentioned, as long as I am ready I can try getting pregnant. It has been a year since chemo and just had my first annual clean PET so he said i need to stop thinking about cancer and chemo, that's the past and he said I should look forward and do whatever I want to do. Congratulations to you and best wishes!

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Awesome advice, a little hard to do I know...and I'm not even close to thinking about pregnancy, LOL...

Great news on your clean PET...

Welcome, Amanico...., an congrats on your soon to be new family member.

I wish you both the very best, and as many new babies as the future gives you both...


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