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I'm Back Home

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Wow it's been a long week but I'm back home. Glad to say that this surgery is behind me and I'm really sore and really tired, but I'm glad to be back in my own bed. Can't drive for a couple weeks, and certainly no cleaning/lifting (lol that's where hubby comes in). Hubby gets to make Thanksgiving dinner this year, but thanks to the kids help he won't have to do it all like I usually do. I'll try to get to reading past messages during this week. Lifted something tonight and shouldn't have - now I'm paying the price - bummer. Guess it is out of habit and just wasn't thinking. Thanks for all your support during this past week. Glad to be back to the boards.

Hugs! Kim

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and best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving! Take it easy and let the family wait on you. Hugs, Dan

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and best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving! Take it easy and let the family wait on you. Hugs, Dan

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Heal quickly and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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After a stay in the hospital, Home Sweet Home takes on a whole new meaning!!!
Take care, Kim.

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So glad you got home just take it easy with the turkey just a few days away. Thank goodness for all those who help us. Jeff

Brenda Bricco
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Glad you are home... now, put the muscles away until it's time to use them. ;)

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Wonderful! Let your hubby pamper you like crazy!


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I'm so glad to hear that not only are you home and doing well but that you're well enough for an occasional "Oops!" and do something that you shouldn't have done! Rest well and enjoy a bit of well earned pampering and I'll say a little prayer that your husband is a good cook!


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see you are home.you just rest up and get better and dont worry about Thanksgiving im sure hubby and the kids will do fine....Godbless...johnnybegood

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So happpy your home and this is behind you now. It's so easy to forget and lift something you should not!!! You have to hammer this in your head for the next little while!!! Ya don't want a hernia and have to go through surgery for a fix!!! I know it's hard but let someone else do the grocery shopping for the next long while!!!

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Dear Kim, so glad that you are home. It is easy to forget the "rules" when you are feeling better, but do try to let the question come to mind before you push, pull or lift anything. We sure don't want you to have any complications.

Just sit back and let those who love you pamper you and do for you for a while.

Wishing you speedy and uneventful recovery.


Marie who loves kitties

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And glad you sound like you're just having the normal stuff that comes with healing from surgery. Good to have you back!


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Enjoy your Thanksgiving prepared by your family for you. It should be memorable.

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Sleep finally. :-)

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Glad your are home and feeling better. Enjoy your thanksgiving.

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glad you are out especially for thanksgiving. no matter how the food will taste, it will be better than hospital thanksgiving food! take it easy & do not overdo!!!

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Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Rest and left the family do the work!


Cathleen Mary
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So happy the surgery is behind you. Take good care of you. Enjoy Thanksgiving!
Cathleen Mary

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Glad you are Home and this surgery is behind you. Also Happy Thanksgiving from Canada.
Easy does it, and yes we woman forget that sometimes and out of habit pick things up and then auch!!
Get used to being pampered for a little while.
Healing lights and thought are coming your way.
Hugs, Marjan

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Hi, Haven't been on here for a long time. Don't know exactly what you had surgery for, went back to find old post and one said something about scar tissue. Sorry you had to have surgery and hope you are feeling better, Thank you for taking the time to answer me when I had questions. I will get on more often and check to see how your doing. Best Wishes, Kathy

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I have been thinking of you and I'm glad that you are home. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.


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Great news Kim that you are home. We sure take those things for granted don't we. Blessings to you this Thanksgiving and through the Christmas holiday with your family.


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Home is always a better place than the hospital. Glad you are doing good. Enjoy Thanksgiving and relax. Let family pamper and cater to you.
Sandy :)

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A bit late, but welcome home Kim :) Hope you are feeling better each and every day.

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having just watched the Wizard of Oz I would say that those of us have to spend time in the hospital, especially around the holidays, would totally agree with the sentiment that there's no place like home! Ann Alexandria

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Glad you are home. Hope recovery is still going well.

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