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there is always hope

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Hello everyone,
Its been awhile since i posted, i often lurk though, but wanted to stop in and say hello to all the old timers, and the new timers. LOL

Im truly sorry anyone has to be here, but if you must you couldnt have found a better place or better people.

I wanted to share my 4th re-birthday or anniversary with you all. Four years ago today i became cancer free stage 4 survivor. I have completed several years of treatment, im not 4 years out from that, but 4 yrs out fm when my dr cut all the cancer out. Im now at scans and bloodwork every six months, next one coming up in january. Have had several ups and downs threw this journey as i know we all have, but for right now, i do not live in fear of the beast, around scan time that might change. LOL i couldnt always say that, but having a great partner, the wonderfull people here and a awesome DR, im able to live post cancer, oh of course my counselor!!!

I do not know what the future holds, none of us do, but for now please know this beast is no longer a death sentence, there is hope!!

Most of all i happen to give the greatest thanks to GOD, but thats just me.

God bless everyone here, your families, and anyone this beast has touched.


Jennie i know you are reading this, pls tell Donna i said hello, and know i miss you so much and even though i love you dearly i can no longer cheer for your cowboys, but i smile every time i do watch them. Love ya girl

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So good to see you again and thanks for sharing your story with the newer folks.

You are right, there is always hope.

Congratulations on your anniverssary and may there be many many more for you.


Marie who loves kitties

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A great post, and thanks so much for sharing your very good news. Wonderful you are doing so well. I think of you, and others from this board, often. The board also has been a key factor in my comfort, knowledge, and growth as a survivor.

"The best and the most beautiful things in the word cannot be seen or touched...but are felt in the heart."
– Helen Keller

From a fellow cancer survivor, now 4.5 years out from a 5/08 stage 4a rectal cancer diagnosis (and NED again).

all the best, Leslie

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thank you for posting as this gives all of us hope!

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thank you so much for your post and for sharing your good news.

i really needed this!!!!

you made my day and I'm so happy for you.

Give thanks!


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Posts like yours always give me hope for the future. I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Take care and be well,


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Thank you for your post. I am stage IV rectal cancer back at work and thankful for each day and the upcoming holiday and my birthday.
I will scan in Dec., again but trying to keep the faith for more years ahead.
Always good to have these posts.


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Yours is an uplifting story full of hope for all of us. I'm glad you posted your update and hope you'll continue. May you stay NED forever!


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And it's a good reminder not just for the new but for us "old" ones going through it once again. I find myself reading obits again looking for cancer deaths, so your reminder is timely and welcomed.
Winter Marie

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for this Thanksgiving week. Thanks for sharing your good news of hope and success. God bless you! Dan

Brenda Bricco
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This is the kind of stuff I needed to hear today... so glad you are NED. :)

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*hugs* Glad to hear from you!


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its wonderful to have a post with hope in the title, and then your story fills in the details.
thanks for sharing your great story.


ps i am heading of to breakfast with a smile because i read your post. its always nice to finish my visit to our forum on a positive post.

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im so glad you have posted and thanks for the uplifting talk about stage 4.stop by more often we do miss you dear friend all my best to you and keep smiling...Godbless.....johnnybegood

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Joined: Feb 2011

Beth, I remember two years ago when I was first diagnosed with stage 1V you were a regular poster and I always looked for those folks on here who were doing well, and held on to the hope that my outcome could be the same as theirs .... you were/are one of those people. Glad to see you popped in, hope to hear more from you :)

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Thanks for your great post! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving Im glad all is well


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You have no idea how much I needed to read your post today. I have been battling 3 1/2 years and am still battling. Its good to know that someone else had years of fighting but is now and has been NED for years. I pray that I am as fortunate as you. You have given me hope and encouragement to keep fighting. Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing. You are right that ther is always hope.

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Thanks for the great post. I needed that. :-)

Have a wonderful thanksgiving.


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Glad to hear you are doing so well. Continued good luck in the future!

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Thank you for your fantastic post and your good news. I am so happy for you! Please check in with us once in awhile.

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Hi Beth. Thanks for posting. You're story is very encouraging and gives hope to many people who are struggling. Hope you will keep us up-dated. Good luck in your battle.


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Hi Beth, So glad to see you here for a moment and with such a great post, we need to hear the good news also.
Hope is what we all have everyday and the rest is in Gods hands.
Thanks for posting and please come back often with good news.
Hugs, Marjan

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I always love to hear from you my friend. I think of you often and miss you. Thanks for being in touch.


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