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Biting the bullet

miss maggie
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Hello everyone,

I saw my orthopedic doctor on Monday Nov 12. My right hip has gotten worse. Not unexpected. Anyway, I am having hip surgery in Feb 2013. My good friend will be staying at my home when I have surgery and go for rehab. She loves animals and I know she will take very good care of my 2 cats, Portia and Lucien. I love them so.

It doesn't end. Not sure if I have another problem now?? I informed my doctor I am being awaken every night to urinate 3 or 4 times. He took urine and found a little blood. I went for an ultra sonogram yesterday, Friday of my kidneys. I will get the results when I see my doctor this Monday. I was suppose to have also a sonogram of my bladder. I asked the girls at the lab if there is anything I should do. I didn't know the doctor wanted a sono of my bladder also. I thought he faxed a prescription for my kidney's only. They didn't tell me I was suppose to get the sonogram with a full bladder. Now I have to go back.

Please pray for me that everything will be alright. Maggie

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Hi Maggie,
Dang...I sure hate to hear about blood in your urine. Hopefully it's just an infection of some kind that antibiotics can clear up. You be sure to let us know when you find out more. Are you going to be ok until February with your hip getting worse? I can understand waiting until after the holidays, but please be very careful while moving around as I wouldn't want you to fall down and compound the problem. You take care sweet Maggie and I'll keep you in my prayers and keep positive thoughts coming your way. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

Thank you for all your kind words,

Yes, I have to wait until February. I would want to anyway because of the holidays. I can't imagine being in the hospital and rehab during the holidays. I also have a birthday coming up Jan 30 and seeing the oncologist the beginning of Feb 2013 for my checkup. Also, the doctor I am having for surgery is completely booked up until Feb 2013. I wouldn't want anyone else to do the surgery. I did receive a call someone cancelled their operation for the middle of Dec 2012. You can understand why I declined.

To everyone, have a blessed Thanksgiving. Please keep me in you prayers. Love Maggie

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I totally agree with Sue....please take extra care of yourself! Sometimes it seems like its never going to end, if its not one thing its another. Just hang in there Sweet Maggie, I'm sure everything will work out once you get the results from your ultrasounds and hip surgery. I will keep you in my prayers (((Hugs)))

Happy Thanksgiving


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Hi Maggie,

I'm sorry you're having this issue and will certainly keep you in
my thoughts and prayers. I did a little research on urine in the blood and
there are many things that can cause this - many of which are minor/treatable.

Try not to worry too much until you get results and more information (yeah,
we know how "easy" that is!). Please keep us posted and know we're here for you.



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Hey Maggie, good luck with your hip surgery, it's always something! I'll keep you in my prayers ...... Vinny

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Glad to hear things are "settled" re your hip surgery.
As far as the blood in urine, this has cropped up a few times for me with benign causes. I hope the same for you. Good Luck!

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maggie im sorry you you have to go through thie i hope everything is ok and its a urtnary tract infection and antibiotics will clear it up blessings denise

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