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no appitite????

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got bacc from vacation 2 weeks ago came down with the flu for 5 days and lost all my appitite, i was pretty sick in bed for 4 days straight, started feeling better, and it was chemo time again, i was disc. from my pump wed. now im hungry and want to eat but cant mouth and throat hurt, gag when im about to swallow food, very frustrating!!!! any input would be great!!! thanks guys!!

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Try Ensure or Carnation instant breakfast if you can swallow it down, it'll help ease the hunger pains and give you protein that you need right now.
Winter Marie

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But if you can legally get medicinal marihuana I would do so.
It always does the trick from what I know...

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Maybe some smoothies will go down ....add some fat if you are worried about weight loss. Have you tried mashed potatoes?

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I bought a protein powder called whey protein. I throw a scoop in the blender along with yogurt, frozen berries, kale, banana, juice etc. Tastes like a milkshake. Cannot taste the kale. Hope your appetite returns soon.


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So sorry to hear that the flu got you.

You mention that your mouth and throat hurt. Have you discussed this with your doctor? Since you are still on chemo, he/she needs to know this. Perhaps there is something they can give you for it.

For now foods/drinks which would normally go down easy should be tried but in very small portions at first to try to get over the gag reflex. I would add Boost with protein to the ones already suggested. While good cold, it isn't bad room temp either if you have a problem with cold things.

Just make sure you let your doc know your difficulties as you don't want to get further run down.

Wishing you improvement for this quickly.

Marie who loves kitties

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Bananas, Gatoraid and Ginger got me through the difficult times. Bananas gave me easy to eat and lots of nutrition, gatoraid to give me additional calories and easy to digest, and anything ginger to help sooth the nausea. I liked dried ginger and ginger snap cookies.

Best Always, mike

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Ask your dr about magic mouthwash. It has helped me get through those days when my mouth and throat hurt too much.

I'm on day 11 and I still don't have much of an appetite for anything. I am forcing myself to eat but nothing is appetizing md almost everything tastes bad right now.


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Hi glinka65. Sorry to hear about your throat problems. I had a very weird side effect with chemo...I lost my appetite totally. I couldn't eat solid food for 5 month. Just hated the thought of it. I developed food aversion so I drank Ensure for those five months. Sometimes I drank milk, as well. In addition, I got a protein powder on-line recommended by my nutritionist called Unjury to add to my milk. Both Ensure (Plus) ans Unjury helped me not lose too much weight.

I also got a couple of throat infections and the doctor prescribed a special numbing mouthwash. It helped me swallow.

Good luck!

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thanks guys!!!! getting i bit better!!

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