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PICC line to be or not to be

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Well David had his PICC kind inserted early Tuesday morning and every afternoon since they have had to redress it because he keeps bleeding. I'm not talking about a trickle here a trickle there but soaking through the dressing and his shirt. Today the chemo ONC came in and said if they can't get the bleeding to stop this weekend they are going to remove it Monday and put one in his left arm. Of course David wanted this so he would be poked less. He is not happy about it at all. The other thing is they are watching his anemia because there is the possibility he will need a transfusion. I think that really scared him. For me I think it would make him feel a lot better. After seeing his crappy blood work it couldn't hurt. So now he is determined to stop bleeding so he doesn't have to worry about transfusions and yanking PICCs. Today was the first time I could see him want to fight and it was nice. Of course he still is totally wore out, but that brief time where I saw him being my David was what I needed. Oh and today his was well enough to realize I have hurt my back and hand and he was a little worried about me. That was a good sign too.

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Not the failing PICC, of course. Good to hear that he's both determined and concerned for you. I'm with you on the transfusion - I would think one would do wonders for him. I never had one, but have heard they make a world of difference. At least, though, they're talking about installing a PICC in the other arm, not abandoning the idea. Hope his improved attitude stays with him.
Hurt your back and hand?

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transfusion...I had three when my blood work was not good. Each transfusion brought energy, and some "feel good" to my life. It isn't instant, but he should notice a difference within 12 hours...It was always a surprise to me how low blood counts could make me so darn tired.

It's great news too, to hear he's got some fight returning...he's been thru a lot, for sure...wore out and tired...but fighting is the name of the game here...Keeping you in my prayers...


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Glad David is feeling a little more like himself. Always a good sign. Mood is a big mystery to me. We think we have conscious control over our moods. Well, we do to some extent. But mood lives in the deep primitive parts of our brain. And almost everything affects it. It's actually a wonder that anyone ever feels good, with some many things that have to line right up. But I'm pulling for you and for David. Hope there are many good days in your future. Rick.

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Too bad about the PICC line (I had some difficult times also), but so good to hear that David is perking up. If a pint of their best (blood) is what he needs, maybe give him two. I am hoping you both get a little easy time soon.



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