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Hi I'm new

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Hi I am new to the site and have a question. I had a bilateral mastectomy on September 21st due to IDC in left breast, stage 1, grade 1, 1.5 cm and lymph nodes clear. Currently have tissue expanders(no fills yet) and started Tamoxifen. My breast surgeon is monitoring the Tamoxifen and has not referred me to an oncologist. Is that typical for early stage and low grade BC? My mammoprint and other test came back as low risk so no chemo is needed. Breast surgeon said an oncologist is not needed due to chemo not being needed. Not sure if I believe it. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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My story is yours except rt breast, and I had immediate diep flap reconstruction. My surgeon did send me to an oncologist, and she put me on Tamoxifen w/follow ups every 3 mos for now. I had my surgery in May, and she sent me for CT's in July. I've had blood labs each time I walk into her ofc. Linda

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I didn't have chemo but I still see an oncologist and I also still see my rads oncologist. I just assumed everyone that had cancer of any sort had an oncologist.

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I didnt have chemo either but still have to have checkups with medical oncologist or radiation oncologist every 3 months for two years and the tamoxifin is for 5 years monitored by the medical oncologist ... for your own piece of mind, I would ask for a referral to an oncologist specializing in breast cancer or go on your own ...bloodwork and other tests are done and side effects of tamoxifin need to be monitored ... always good to have a second opinion and then you can make your own choice from there.. ... Sue D

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I too was diagnosed with stage 1, grade 2 IDC my breast surgeon did send me to an oncologist.
She said that treatment beyond surgery is to be decided by the oncologist. My lymph nodes were clear and my oncotype score was low however due to my age 42 my oncologist decided I need 6 rounds of chemo, radation and tamoxifen.
I have a cousin who is a doctor and when I was first diagnosed she asked me who my oncologist was. When I told her I didn't have one ( cause dr didn't refer me yet) she told me anyone with a cancer diagnosis needs to have an oncologist.
Check with your doctor again, but in the end do what you feel will give you peace.
Best of luck
Hugs Christine

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Thank you for the information. I usually follow my gut and have up to this time, but for some reason I didn't this time. I will call Monday morning. Thank you again and I am so thankful I found this site!

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Your breast surgeon specialty is surgery and tamoxifen is a hormonal treatment for breast cancer. You do need to be followed by someone who specialty is cancer and it's treatments. Tamoxifen is a drug that need to be watched very closely as one of the side effects can be endometrium cancer. Not every one has this side effect but it does need to be monitor closely.

I am glad that you will make a call for a referral for an oncologist. Cancer is cancer and it doesn't matter if it is stage 0, 1, 2, or 3C, any of these stages can morphed to stage IV. No one knows who the unlucky people will be but it is good to remember that 70% of those who have these stages never have a recurrence.

Best wishes on Tamoxifen,


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