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Trying to stay positive

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One month after finishing my treatment for Stage IIB Breast Cancer my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. He lost his battle two and a half months later on October 27, 2012. It has been a very difficult year and now we are faced with the holidays. God has graciously blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter that was born four days before my father passed away and every time I hold her, I am reminded of the importance of finding a cure for cancer.

Please keep our family in your prayers as we face our first holidays without my father.

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It is so hard to handle when things come so close together. I feel God sent you an angel in your new grand child. She will give you many happy times. I am so sorry for your loss. Again my prayers are with you and your family.

xoxox Diana

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Wishing you the best as you go through the treatments. Breast cancer stage IIB can't be compared at all with pancreatic cancer. Even stage IV breast cancer can't be compared to pancreatic which doesn't give a good prognosis at all. The umbrella cancer is about the only thing they have in common.

Enjoy your little granddaughter over the holidays. Remember all the good times you shared with your father.



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But not with cancer in the story. My mother died on Memorial Day weekend one year and the following year my son married on Memorial Day weekend. I asked him after he set the date if he realized his granmother had died about a year ago that weekend. He said yes. I told him that I thought his granma would be glad they married then as she would not just sadness associated with that weekend. So now we have joy and sadness linked together. It seems to make that weekend easier. Will pray.

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congrats on new grand baby...so much fun! So sorry it's been a tough time for you..

The firsts are BAD but I try to remember all the GOOD ones-more then what we dont' have.

MY mom died 6 yrs ago...at dinner we laugh and joke about things she said or did!

miss her but good times...I know fresh to you...I know!

I will be thinking of you and your family..


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I am so sorry you have had such a loss, my deepest sympathies and prayers go out to you and yours! I know how you feel as I lost my sister to pancreatic cancer while in treatment for breast cancer, it certainly can rock one to ones core! On the up side how wonderful that you have a beautiful new grand daughter to shower with love!



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I am so sorry for your loss, but very happy with your new grandchild. Loosing a parent is a crushing blow for anyone. God Bless you and try to find joy in the new granchild and fond memories of your father !!!


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Sending you a big hug from NY. I am sorry for your loss and because these holidays may be very emotional for you. Please know your dad is still with you, spiritually and through the memories. May you find comfort knowing this.

Sending prayers to you and your love ones.

And congratulations about your granddaughter. That's always a blessing.

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to cheer you. My heart weeps knowing how difficult the year has been.

Your grandbaby is blessed with your love and with the sharing of wonderful memories of her great grandfather.

My mom passed 12 years ago on Dec 27th. Somehow, she held on so we could all enjoy Christmas ... her favorite time of year. Her memory never fades. As the years have passed, it's like a bright light shining on us all...her light.

I pray that your heart will heal with time. And I pray that your cancer is under control and you stay healthy

God Bless.


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