Am I over reacting

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My husband has stage IV Oligodendroglioma, He has been into nesting for months. Making sure everything is up to date. Make sure I know where everything is located. It's all been a good thing. But beside with his mood swings lately he has taken up buying things totaly un-needed. But many of the things were for me so.... I tell him he shouldn't but what the hell. He has started reaching out to people he hasn't spoken to in a long time and asking if they need financial help. Excuse me, but I think it's time to draw a line. How does one go about it? I'm afraid I'll set him off.


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    This is tough, I know. It
    This is tough, I know. It sounds to me like he is having feelings that I have also had and I know that all of us experience when we are faced with our mortality. We just want to know that our lives mattered, that we made a difference.I don't know your financial situation or your relationship to your husband, but I would recommend a good counselor to help you all navigate these very sensitive issues. Do you think he would be open to that?

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