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advance recurrence

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Hello everyone. I was on this discussion board a while back. I was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer. I have Bern going to my oncologist every 3 months for a check up ans ca125 bloodwork done. Well it just so happens that the ca135 was not picking up the recurrence. Now the cancer has spread even further. It came back in the same places as well as into my liver, around the lining of my lungs, and in my lymph nodes under my arm. I was just wondering if this means that I am in stage 4 now or does it still constitute as stage 3. I'm very confused. I meant to ask my oncologist but was not really thinking of questions when he was explaining the news.

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to hear what you are going through. I have heard that the stage does not change once it has been determined but of course I am no expert.

I wish you the very best as you face more treatment. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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that you are faced with this. I don't have an answer for you but please know that I'm sehding lots of prayers your way.



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Did you get scans as well? Or where they just doing the ca125?

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I got a scan in may because i was having some pain and they didn't see anything. I was supposed to have surgery for a kidney stone a couple of weeks ago. When they did the scan for that, this is when they saw it. But yes they were relying only on the ca125

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Thank you so much Kelly. Sending hugs right back.

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kimberly sue 63
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stage is irrelevant...just keep fighting. Cancer today is a chronic disease. Keep working on keeping the beast under control. Kim

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I have read that the stage stays the same. what is your doctor going to do now? It does make some difference if there is one cell to kill or many but chemo can get most of them. For most of us though we will have recurrences so I think if we can withstand the chemo we may last long enough til they can find a way to help us.

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The staging classification remains the same. However it will be amended to - stage 3 with metastasis to lungs, liver, lymph nodes etc. I agree with Kim btw. Don't focus on staging. Carry on the fight. Xx

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I'm so sorry you have to deal with this again. But as the ladies said, just focus on the here-and-now. It is beatable, and I hope you've read the many inspiring stories of courage survivorship in these posts.

Please continue to visit us, and we will walk through this with you. Sending prayers and hugs for you and your family. Don't lose hope or faith.


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So sorry to hear about your recurrence. It really sucks especially since you thought things were fine based on the ca 125. How long were you in remission? Do you know what treatment plan you'll be on?


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I'm so sorry for your re-ocurrance. It makes me so mad these tests dont always work. I had the same problem when I was originally diagnosed. Had 2 transvaginal ultrasounds and was told I had a small cyst, and then ct scan finally revealed the tumors. Then the CA125 doesnt work for everyone. You think they would have better ways of following up on us by now. Way too many times you here the scan was normal, then a few months later its not. I wish you the best of luck and hope your next treatment kicks it's ***.

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