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Checking In

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Jan Trinks
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Hi all:

No, I haven't forgotten y'all (would never do that!) It's such a balancing act working these days after not having worked for a while! Work is fine but busy, busy, busy. I still marvel at how Charlie did retail for 26 years and absolutely loved it! I've now decided that when the day comes for us to be reunited I will definitely get down on my knees and beg some forgiveness for not truly understanding how grueling retail work is! I knew he worked hard I just didn't know how hard! Also, I am now on the sub list for Barrow County (where I taught second grade). So hopefully that will start up week after T'giving as they are out all next week. The boys are fine. Chargee is growing like a weed but oh so beautiful. He truly is going to be a beautiful dog! He's now 8 months old. He is being indoctrinated into the holiday doings as I put the tree up Sunday. So far has not bothered any of the ornmaments but I suspect that will change! If any of the pet stores do Santa pix this year I think I will take him and Sammy and we'll have our picture made together.

Update on nephew Brian. He was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago as seems he had been having silent seizures and the neurologist at the hospital which his mother really likes absolutely was livid when he found out the rehab/nursing home had only been giving him 1/8 of the medication he needed for seizures! That's been corrected but has set him back a little in his motor skills. I don't know but I'm just figuring with a traumatic brain injury such as he's had this is probably how it may be and these things come and go. He's talking more in the past than he had been but he also talks in the present too. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. Also, my other nephew Chuck, my sister's son is not doing all that well. He has a drinking problem, but no ins. no job and dealing with depression to some degree. Now he hasn't been laid off or lost a job or anything he just doesn't work! Says he wouldn't be able to hold a day job because he couldn't stay away from the beer that long. I thought, "wait a minute, if Charlie Trinks worked 48 hours plus/week before he quit drinking in '97, it can be done!" But then, it's such a different situation as Charlie was a committed individual and had one big thing Chuck lacks and that is a work ethic! And Charlie didn't just talk about quitting he did it and never looked back! So it can be done. And I get so tired of hearing all about from my sister as her children have taken quite an emotional drain and certainly major financial drain on her and I don't mean to sound flippant about it but I'm more concerned on what all this is doing to my 74 sister who has a pacemaker. Chuck is just so I don't know such a waste of potential. And he knows what buttons to push. Also her daughter lives with her too with her two girls (one which is at college now). She doesn't make all that much waitressing and is rather lazy and they only have one car - my sister's! Wendy has a car but it's not running and it is old (a friend of my sister's sister gave her this car) But the point is at least see what's wrong with it; if it's worth fixing and if not junk it and get what you can out of it. Meanwhile my sister works a little over min. wage job at 74 just to make ends meet! So they all need your prayers too. They and my brother and his wife are coming for T'giving and my sister is going to stay over till Sat. so she'll get some time away from that madness at her house and oh, I forgot to mention there is also four dogs at her house with all this mess! What a zoo!

Anyway that's about all for now. Hope all is well with everyone and Happy Turkey Day - gobble; gobble! Love y'all. God Bless!

Jan (Basketcase)

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Hi Basketcase Jan. Sure sounds like you have several tigers by the tail and are enjoying your life to the fullest. Hope you get the teaching job and out of retail. Enjoy the time with your sister and have a great Thanksgiving.

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Happy Holidays to you and yours as well...

¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° Happy Thanksgiving °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸

Always awesome to hear of your travels Jan...., you have come far my dear friend...


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It is always good to log on and see you doing well, I hope and pray you have a wonderful thanksgiving’s.

God bless
Tim Hondo

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Hey Jan, I'm sorry to hear about Brian's setback, and problems in the nursing home, it seems that no matter where you are in the country, you can't trust the staff in those places to do the right thing for their patients. I'm also sorry to hear about all of the problems in your sister's life, but I'm glad to hear that you're not getting sucked into it, she's lucky to have you.
On a brighter note it sounds like Chargee is a lot of fun, and that working retail has been rather insightful. I hope that you are able to get into subbing, but that can also be rather challenging. Here's wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.............*


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Hello Jan !
Great to hear from you ! Boy your sister's life is topsy turvy. I'm sorry to hear this and will send some extra prayers that direction. Your nephew in the care center also has enourmous prayers coming his way....I hope you have a wonderful holiday season Jan. Katie

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Pam M
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Glad to hear you're still doing so well.

Feel sorry for your sis - must be rough. We have 4 generations of family (five people) in my house, three dogs and two cats. BUT we have enough cars (three cars, two trucks and two motorcycles), and everyone but the baby works full time, and pays their bills. I don't blame you for not being more concerned about your neice and nephew - sounds like their biggest problem is they need an attitude adjustment, and need to work to build up their mother instead of bleeding her dry.

Sad to think your nephew has suffered because of someone else's action or inaction. Hopefully, now that the "mistake" has been called out, the center will be extra vigilant when it comes to his care.

Have a great day Thursday. Eat like a pig, then have your neice and nephew clear up and wash dishes while you and your sis relax.

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jim and i
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Glad to hear you are well. I gave up trying to find a job, we just tightened our belts. Jim is doing well. He has slowed down the fishing because too cold in the mornings. Being so under weight he has a hard time keeping warm. He also had to have his peg replaced again because the cap split. We also had a mold problem with the new home and had to rent a home. We are trying to work things out with the corporation before hiring a lawyer.Pray they settle. I do not think Jim could handle the stress of going to court. We are still happy to be in Daytona and spent Thanksgiving with my sistyers and mother. Everyone is coming to our home for Xmas breakfast (a family traditionn).

Don't work to hard and God Bless.


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