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CT results

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Had CT on Wednesday and Vectibix is still doing it's job, before we started on Vectibix Roger's CEA was 4500 and is down to 108!! (WOW). The tumors are continuing to shrink in his liver and except for the rash issue things are going very good. His platelets have been dropping again down to 83, but as of now that is not a huge concern, but will keep an eye on it. There was some mention about peritoneal nodularity this time which as also something they will be keeping an eye on. Overall pretty good news so we will continue to take it all in stride. Kim

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for either Vectibix or Victory...

Sounds like really good news, Kim:)

Platelets still sound pretty good...I was doing Folfiri in my mid to upper 50's and we kept pounding away...still about 72K even a year and some change after treatment ended.

Happy for you guys!

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Great to hear treatment is working, wow, that's a huge drop in CEA!!!

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The drop in the CEA is fantastic!

Let me just say that I love the way you use "we" when talking about treatments and such. It is obvious that you are in this 100% with your hubby.

Wishing you both continued success with this treatment.


Marie who loves kitties

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Another wonderful example...

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is right about the cea drop. that is so encouraging! stay strong. i will pray for both of you.

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That is a fantastic result on theCEA pray it keeps going down. Jeff

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Shrinking tumors and huge reduction in CEA. Congratulations.

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Great news. It all sounds good.

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What wonderful news. This thanksgiving you truly have something to be thankful for. What a change in the numbers - that is awesome.


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