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ct scans

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Well its that time again, ct abdo,chest and pelvis. 27 mths now, colon cancer then mets 10 mths later to liver lung and peritoneum. We are doing well, chemo for life. This is the time we find so hard ! the results, which we will recieve on the 29th of november. My husband is so brave, we are both praying for good news. Love to all.

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Glad to hear that you are both doing well.

Add my prayers to yours for good news on the scans.


Marie who loves kitties

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My husband was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer with mets to liver in July 2010 and this year also in peritoneum. He's now on regorafinib trial drug which seems to be working. He gets very tired but otherwise we are socialising with friends and family. He has a scan in December. Keep fighting and enjoy the good days. We live near Sydney Australia but are originally poms from Surrey in UK. What chemo is your husband on? Good luck with everything.

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Posts: 144
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Hi, Rubyrose, glad you and your husband are coping well. My husband has just fin 12 cycles of oxy, xeloada and avastin, and now he is just on avastin and xeloada. He still works but only part time. Good luck to you too. Take care Belinda.

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Us too:)

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for good news. stay strong & positive!

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I know exactly how nerve racking getting scan results. My scans haven't been good so getting new one is scarry. I've been getting treatment since Jun 09 so its getting more nerve racking. Pray all goes well. Jeff

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for great results from the scan.

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Prayers on the way for good results from the scan. It's always a trying time when you have to wait for the results, sometimes just wish they could give you the results right then. Good luck.


Cathleen Mary
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We'll hold our collective breath for good results. I always think that waiting is something caner patients should not have to do. Prayers for patience, peace, and strength.

Cathleen Mary

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I know how that scan-xiety feels. Good luck with your scans and glad to hear you are both doing well :-)

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