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Update on Rick

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Hi everyone,

I haven't posted in a while, so I thought that I'd give a quick update on Rick's condition. He's been having a hard time lately, so any prayers for his comfort would be appreciated. He has fought the good fight, but I'm sorry to say that the beast seems to be taking its toll on his poor tired body. His pain has lessened since they gave him the Dilaudid drip, but it comes back quickly if he doesn't keep up with the bolus. He is sleeping more and his breathing is now short and labored. He is also experiencing quite a bit of discomfort from the fluid retention in his torso and upper thighs - Lasix isn't working that well. He's pretty much confined to a hospital bed in the living room now, so he sits up most of the day with his legs elevated. On top of all of this, his Dad passed away last week, therefore he has the added burden of grief. It's been a tough month. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get the swelling down, I'm all ears.

Love to all my friends, and keep up the fight.


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i am so sorry to hear about all that you two are going thru. my heart aches for both of you. i will pray for comfort for him & strength for both of you. i will pray that he improves as i always have hope! i do not have any suggestions as to decreasing the swelling. i feel bad that on top of everything that both of you are dealing with his Dad passing. i will do double time praying for both of you! stay strong. thank you for the update as i have been thinking of you every day.
big hugs

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I am so very sorry to hear that Rick's condition has gotten to this point.

Knowing what a wonderful care giver you are, I am sure you have explored comfort care solutions with his doctors.

Do you have hospice or home health care assisting you?

I so wish I had some wise words to help ease Rick's discomfort, but I don't. To have lost his father while he is fighting his own battles is very difficult indeed.

My prayers for Rick that someone will find a way to make him more comfortable and for you as you lovingly care for him.

It is at times like this when the physical distances between all of us is a cruel thing, as I am sure there are many here who wish they could be there to help you both.

Hugs and love to you and Rick,

Marie who loves kitties

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I believe that Marie said it better than I ever could...

"It is at times like this when the physical distances between all of us is a cruel thing, as I am sure there are many here who wish they could be there to help you both."

I know that you already know about how I feel about the both of you:)

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Prayers and hugs to you both - since as Marie stated distance separates us all physically from each other, know that a hug is attached to this post and special prayer for you both tonight.


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Thank you for taking the time to update us on Rick. I am so sorry that things are so difficult right now. My condolences to both of you on the loss of his father. I will continue to pray for both of you my friend.


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You have my condolences. As far as the fluid my husband had his drained and used compression socks, but our Dr. put him on Aledactone along with the lasix and he no longer has to take the lasix, but does take the Aledactone everyday. His legs were so swollen that they turned purple (from blood vessels bursting) so we also had to wrap them with towels soaked in warm water and vinegar for 2 weeks. Prayers to you and yours. Kim

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Sorry to hear this Cynthia...it sounds like a really tough time.
A big hug across the miles---can you feel it?
God Bless

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Feel sorry but still praying for his cure, have a big hug both! .
PS.tell him I want to see him making new boat models very soon! Have some plans here that can send him ,
Hugs and prayer to Both again!

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I don't know how to deal with the swelling, but wanted you to know that I was thinking about you and Rick and that you 2 are in my prayers.

Love Ketz

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To all my friends, Your kinds words mean so much to us, thank you so very much. And yes, I can feel the hugs... :)

Love you all,


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Prayers coming your way from cold Minnesota. May God hold you both in his hands at this time and grant mercy. Blessings to you both.


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I am sending strong positive thoughts your way for you and your husband. Prayers too.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Rick's discomfort, I wish I had advise, but all I can do is send my love. With his father passing away, I know it's more then a tough month, it's devastating.
I'm so glad he has you by his side, giving him tender loving care and your heart.
We're with both of you there in spirit dear girl, I've got my arm around your shoulder about now.
Love to you Cynthia,
Winter Marie

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I feel so sad hearing about all the difficulty Ric has had. I'm praying things get better soon for you and family. Jeff

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So sorry to hear about the loss of Rick's father and Rick's water retention.
Elevation is still the best, is he taking waterpills?
You are in my thoughts and prayers,

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I'm so very sorry. I'm no help with the swelling, George didn't have it even when he experienced kidney failure near the end.

This is a very cruel time for Rick and also for you. You sit with him but are helpless to make things better and that part hurts so very much.

Just hang in there dear one.

Love and hugs - Tina

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Cynthia...I am so sorry to hear about Rick. I will pray for strength for him. Hopefully you can get the swelling down...it will make him much more comfortable. I am so sorry that he is having to deal with the passing of his dad at this time...try to keep him from dwelling in his grief...that can't be good for him.


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....for taking the time to post an update. I am sure this is a hard time for both of you.i will be thinking of you and hope things improve.

All the best,

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Dear Cynthia,
I hope and pray that both you and Rick find a way to experience love and peace.
You are both in my thoughts and prayers especially at this challenging time.

Cathleen Mary
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I am so sorry that Rick didn't have a better outcome from his surgery. His Dad's passing at this time is so sad. Please know that you and Rick are in my heart and prayer. I hope that Rick can get relief from his pain and you can both find peace. Thank you for taking the time to post in the midst of your al too full plate.
Cathleen Mary

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It is so hard to see a loved one suffer. I wish that I had the answers you are looking for. i am sad for you both and feel less than adequate not having any helping words for the swelling. ((HUGS)) of peace and comfort to you and Rick.


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Thank you for the update. Send you and Rick prayers for peace and comfort.

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