Patient and Survivor Conference

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For West Coast people-or travelers, there is a Kidney Cancer Association Conference on December 1, 2012 at Cedars-Sanai Medical Center in LA. Regisration and Cont. Bkfst from 8-9 and is adjourned at 2. Go to for more info. Or search for Kidney Cancer Association of America.

Speakers and panels on: Role of the KCA, Surgical Aspects of Renal Cell Carcinoma, Role of Trageted Therapy in RCC, Immunologic Approaches to RCC, Nursing Aspect of High Dose IL-2, a panel discussion, Cancer Survivorship, Toxicity Mgmt of Trageted Therapy, and Experimental Therapy in RCC.
I abreviated, since most of know what they stand for. If this was at a better time of year, I'd probably attend as it focuses on RCC. There is usually a KCA conference in San Francisco during the last half of August, but it's agenda always appears to be more for the Physicians and Oncologists to present papers to their peers.
If anyone attends, we hope to hear from you and learn something new.


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    Dec Conference
    Thanks for info Donna and it sounds like a very important event, focusing, as it does, on RCC. If I were about 6,000 miles closer, I'd go to it like a shot. Is anyone on this forum intending to attend it? As Donna says, it will be good to hear from anyone who does.