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Hi All,

I haven't posted as much lately, just being busy with life and some light treatment.

One of the last posts I made was about how well Acupuncture works. Most of the responses were positive so I gave it a go. Didn't help at all.

The problem I have is when my Dr. did my rt neck dissection he disturbed my scapular nerve to get to the cancer underneath it. He told me my shoulder and arm pain may last 2 years. No narcotic drugs helped nor any NSAIDS like Aleve. To tell you the truth it was really wearing me down and it was hard to stay positive with a knife stabbing me between my shoulder blades.

Finally my PCP asked if I ever tried Gabapentin (Neurontin). Nope, never heard of it. Anyway, he put me on it and viola, it reduced my pain by about 60% which is really good. Then he gave me a script for physical therapy. After two weeks my pain is almost completely gone.

So that is what this post is about. Gabapentin for nerve pain followed up with PT. Funny this is, it was my regular primary doctor who did all this, not my cancer team. Either way it is good news.

Prayers to all of you still suffering from this terrible disease. My problem is very small compared to most of you still going through treatment.


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I was putting on your shoes and thinking about a knife stabbing me between the shoulders and thought, no way, Jose....that would get me down in a hurry!! So....I'm delighted that your GP figured something out...a combo of PT and Gabapentin.

This should go into the super thread.


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I did some acupuncture too and it did not do much for me, in fact it made one area on my face worse with the pain then before. It is all back to normal again so I am just glad for that. I do have to take a mild pain med just to help me through the day, but that is my new normal.

Wishing you the best

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Makes my day that the pain for sooooo long has been cut 60% ....I'm delighted for you and that will surely help someone along the way ...so great for sharing.

And yes, my offer always stands to you and any H&N warrior ...if ever in the McCall Idaho area...I would be hurt if I was not called / given advance notice and at minimum a cup of coffee or some sort of beverage was not shared ....I still have yet to meet one single H&N warrior face to face....from my online family or anyone for that matter.

And my home is always welcome for overnight as well....



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