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Essiac Tea

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Does anyone drink this tea to fight cancer? Has it helped anyone? Does anyone recommend a place to purchase it?

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Hi Vicki:)

Here's a link I found for you...


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They sell it at the health food/supplement stores. For some reason I am thinking I have even seen it at Walmart in the pharm./supplement section. I have taken Essiac supplements. I have been drinking licorace tea, it's not very good tasting, has a strange aftertaste.

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thanks for the link. Hubby had bought it for me before my chemo and then my oncologist told me, she was not exactly against it, but since she did not know what it could do, she just did not want it to protect any cell, neither good nor cancer. So she told me to take it after chemo was over but I never did. Maybe after the next round of chemo, I will start and see. It seems to be improving immunity from what I read about it and if we have a strong immune system, that should be able to fight our diseases better. Will see


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i got mine from my naturopath, i did not have it religiously.
if you get it you want to make sure its got the real bloodroot ingredient in it.

its just a tea, lots of interesting stories, its not expensive.

i bought mine over the germany, but have not started making it yet.


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