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Party Time - 1 year after that bad trip started

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Today, 1 year ago, husband had to check in into hospital. Holy cow, what a year this has been... Surgery on Nov 17th, tumor + 2 liver mets removed, temp. ileostomy, 6 months of chemo (Oxi + Xeloda), ileo reversal in July... you all know what turbulences this few words contain.

And this Monday CT... today appointment with Onc. HURRAY, all clear!!! CEA at 0.4 (was 95 before surgery and 0.8 in August). So, next check mid February! And (what is second best after NED) INDIA C U soon... on Dec 31th we will leave for 5 weeks travels in north India :-)

Thank you all for your support and information during that hard year, for all the research and wisdom here... and for being such wonderful people.

A BIG and HAPPY hug from Germany
(who has to switch on rapid-vacation-prepare-mode now...)

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Enjoy your time out...hope things continue to go well for you both:)

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You both have had a rough year. Enjoy your India trip - 5 weeks - I'm envious.

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Have a wonderful trip!


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I'm so happy for you -- enjoy your well-earned vacation! Dan

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Happy to hear the good news! Enjoy that trip and hubby and may he always be NED!

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did you know hcg is a cancer specialist hospital in india that offers petty good service, just in case you are travelling past then. I was almost going to them but ended up in germany.

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That is awesome news. Go out and celebrate.

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i am so happy for both of you! enjoy that trip!!!

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