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Hello everyone...I rarely post but have been a "long time lurker" and follow along with many of you! My husband was dx in 2010 with stage 4 base of tongue scc and was treated with chemo, rads followed by neck dissection. todate all of his follow ups have been positive, however on the last 2 ct they have noted "bands of atelectasis" in his r lung, the 2nd ct noted that these bands had "increased" there was also a note of a small nodule in the lung as well which had not been mentioned prior. The dr. did not make any mention of this and said see you at your next appt. I saw it as I asked for a copy of the CT. does I don't like to be a worry but from what I have read..it is basically a collapsed portion of the lung and it seems odd that they are unconcerned and can't help but wonder if they are just trying to not stress him out with too much info but this is a potential concern! Has anyone else had a similar experience???

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I encourage you to pick up the phone and call the doctor with your concerns. That is what they are there for and that is what they are paid for. You deserve answers.

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I appreciate your response, however the dr will not speak with me as it is my husband and I don't want to stress him out over it especially if it turns out to be nothing!guess we will just wait, he has an mri in Jan.

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Sorry I missed this post ...would have responded sooner. I can't relate to your situation due to never had that complication.

However, I would think your husband would have a standing order that you are able to get any and all info. I had it set up where my wife could call and ask any questions with or without me (just to be safe and to help her with ease of mind) ...??

Not that you two want to do that ...but I'm sure you could if desired ..

All the same ...sounds like you are on top of things ...as far as "stress" goes ...you are in this together...two eyes are better than one ...so maybe bring it up to your husband and just get it out there and ask questions .... :)



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Your reply is much appreciated! I think I will simply wait until the CT in January and go from there..i have always felt that they give you the basic info necessary and that which will cause you the least amount of stress and worry! I am more the information seeking type i like to know and try to understand all! My husband...not so much! lol he is more the "what u don't know can't hurt u" type! I think it may be a case of only time will tell so they figure there is no point giving you to much info especially when it is out of anyone's control anyways! that is the unfortunate reality of this awful disease!

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