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teeth protection

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Hi to everyone. I'm new here and eager for all info you can give as well as the opportunity to share and vent. My 26 year old son (physically disabled) was diagnosed with stage IVb SCC (base of tongue, floor of mouth and bilateral lymph nodes). He's at number 28 of 35 rads and has had 4 cisplatin chemos. The situation has improved immensely and he's coping remarkably well with the rad side effects (much better than anyone would have believed)

They've told me to keep an eye on his teeth and I've been looking for some fluoride rinses or similar but we live in Italy and I can't find anything here that can be bought over the counter.

Coulòd anyone give me a brand name or tell me if/where I can buy some online??

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Prretty young for the problem, but that's how things shake out. Glad to hear he's doing well. I am not aware of high fluoride OTC preparations. All that I have run into are by prescription. Do you have a dentist there? My dentist carries a product that he dispenses out of the office that for me is quite a bit cheaper than buying the product with a prescription at the drug store. That could be a resource for you. Fluoride is very important. So is keeping the oral environment as clean as possible. In addition to lacking saliva, the enzymes responsible for preventing decay are affected by radiation,, so cavities can be a problem and that can happen quite quickly. water pik, floss, brush, rinse, make sure no food sits against the base of the teeth for long. That goes a long way toward preventing.

Others may have come up with something OTC, I just am not aware of a product.


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first and foremost, find a dentist that has huge history of dealing with head and neck radiation

the dentist can give you script for fluoride, mine is 5 dollars a tube

for me that i find the best, use waterpik with as warm water as can stand and rinse, then floss, then brush with Bioteen Dry Mouth toothpaste (gel, not the mint/paste), use a Sonicare batter tooth brush. the again rinse with waterpik. my dentist has me use the fluoride with sonicare brush with focus on the gum and tooth line. i do the flouride 2-3 times per day and brush 3-4 times per day.

for dry mouth problems.... stay away from salty foods.

good luck

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I use and still do OralB - STOP...my Dentist gives it to me...

OralB - STOP

But there are several others that use different toothpastes and rinses...

Prevident is one that comes to mind...

If you do a search on Flouride, I think that you will see a few previous discussions...

Flouride Related Search on CSN

Great news on your son as well...


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Sorry no help here. I also get mine from my dentist.

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Can you not ask the Dr. to refer you to a Dentist with knowledge of oral cancer?

Here in the U.S., we cannot buy fluoride over the counter. Like the others I get mine from my cancer team's Oral Surgeon. He gives me Gel-Kam made by Colgate. It is .4% Stable Stannous Fluoride. I got fitted with a mouth tray to put the gel into. Prevident was also mentioned and is a good toothpaste. The only problem with my Colgate one is it stains the teeth. My Oral Hygienist doesn't like it and told me to ask for Neutral Sodium Fluoride made by Clinpro. Next visit I'll ask him to switch.

I hope the information you received here helped you. One would think that those products would be available in Italy too.

He is going to have to take really good care of his teeth or he'll lose them.

Hope you find what he needs,


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