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Hormones - encouraging news

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I had the results of my latest MRI scan yesterday. I have been on hormone therapy - aromatase inhibitor Letrozole - since the end of June. The news is encouraging. The tumour on the right hand side of my pelvis has shrunk so that it is not visible. The tumour on the left has also shrunk, but is still visible. The tumours had beeen pressing on one of my ureters and constricting it, but that has now resolved and the kidney is draining freely. So I don't now need to have a stent inserted to keep it open.
Considering that my oncologist had originally said that she would be happy if the hormones just kept things stable, we are all very happy that the result is better than that. So the plan is to stay on the hormones and to scan again in 6 months, to see what is happening. No way to tell at the moment whether things will stay the same, or improve or worsen. However I am hopful that things will at least remain stable.
I am feeling great - no pain or symptoms other than hot flashes, a little minor aching in joints and some fatigue. But nothing that stops me enjoying every day and leading a normal life.
Kindest wishes to everyone

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I'm SO happy for you. You are the first person that I've heard with good results from this hormone treatment. It is encouraging that it's working for you. What great news.

This is treatment you can continue for a long while. Glad no side effects.

hurray and hugs. Mary Ann

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Thanks for your lovely comments. I know that Soromer (Kate) has also had good results with hormone treatment (although Kate was on Megace, I think), so I hope that we are both pathfinders for this type of treatment. Who knows - we may remain stable enough, for long enough for another treatment or cure to come our way. Here's to leapfrogging forward from one successful treatment to another, until we beat this beast.

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Wonderful news Helen... I am so happy for you!

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That news makes me feel Good All Over!!! So very glad the good has finally happened for you! It especially makes me breath a little easier since I go in for six month check up on November 21. Maybe some of the good will rub off on me! Enjoy the Holidays! Best, debrajo

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Double Whammy
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I'm so happy for you, Hellie. Keep surprising your oncologist!


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So happy to hear your news. Glad you are enjoying each day and leading a normal life. May the medicine continue to work for you. I am on Aromasin which is newer than your letrozole, but same drug category. I hope for good news too when I go to the doctor at the end of the month. In peace and caring.

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