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Colonoscopy done, check. Hernia surgery done, check! ;) :)

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Hello All ...

For those that sent the pm's. Thank you. I thouht I would just post a thread for an update.

Boy oh boy have the last two days given me some good comedic material to write about one day. May I share just a little? Okay, since you all said yes :)

My colonoscopy was yesterday. My hernia surgery today. I'm doing well and all came back looking good.

So for the funny part.

Monday I was confirming my colonoscopy appt. with the registration desk. We jus went t the office since I we are staying at a hotel here in Boise all week.

The lady tells me to show up at 6am for my colonoscopy. I am to come into the (wait for it) ......

...."the south end of the building, which is the rear entrance"

All I could do was stare at her with this HUGE grin and start to lose my composure under my breath...she kind of looked at me with that "deer in the headlight look" ...

She proceeded.....

"and doctor Johnny B Green will be performing the procedure" ...

I lost it. (NOTE: I did not know the doctors first name much less middle initial)

I walked away ....I later apologized ....and explained why I busted out laughing.

I have soooo many more funnies (that's what my family calls these type of things) ....maybe I can share another time. Thanks for listening. I can't wait to get home tomorrow to my fireplace and recliner :)



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Hi Tim,

I’ll admit that is funny, you cracked me up. Can’t wait to hear about the hernia, how much more fun could that be?

Anyway, hope you had a nice trip and everything came out fine.



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Pam M
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And that the kind registration lady was able to provide some distraction during what must have been a stressful day. Here's hoping for quick healing period.

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thanks for the grin...hope all continues to go well

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Sounds like..."Everything came out alright"...LOL (now my humor). Glad you got some humor out of the whole thing and on your way back home.

You and Matt are "one of a kind"(or should I say "two of a kind") with your humor...love it!

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We always need a few giggles here now and then. Whenever I get a new Dr. giving me my yearly rectal exam I will look up at the ceiling and start singing Moon River. Sometimes it backfires if he laughs too hard.


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I am glad you are ok and that you were able to see the humor in the receptionists statement. I would have cracked up as well.

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I'm still giggling at this post ! I would have found the humor immediately in this situation. That's what makes our group so inpiring to me ! We're all a bit touched.....meaning we have seen the bad, and enjoy the moments. I'm so glad everything went good...continued good times wished for you my friend ! Katie

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Katie may be right...we're all a bit touched...ha! Would have loved to watch the receptionist's face while you walked away howling in laughter...hahahahahaha.


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