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Propping up bed versus wedge

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I am having a hard time with my wedge and have seen some folks talk about propping the head of their bed up. What did you do? Use wooden boards? How many inches did you raise it up? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I bought bed raisers, plastic cups sold at most stores to raise your bed. Found in bedding dept. I just used 2 for the front. They worked very well. I'm not sure if anyone else can sleep without, but it's been 18 months or so since my surgery and I sleep flat most of the time. I found out when I went on vacation and couldn't raise the bed.

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Thanks! I didn't know they made such a thing. Found them with Google.


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I tried raising the bed, but would roll down. The wedge works best for me, but after five years I still don't like it. I sleep with a pillow on the wedge. I have no problems with reflux unless I roll off, which does happen occasionally. I can't lay down flat even for a
short time, without having reflux.
Good luck in ajusting to a new way of sleeping,

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Had the same issue when we put wood blocks under the head of the bed, I kept sliding down all the time so just use the wedge with 2 pillows and like Sandra sometimes I roll off. Have only had reflux several times now since I religiously do not eat after 9 pm and when I am out socially, I come home and sleep sitting up in a recliner as a precaution against aspiration which can be a real danger. Everyone is different some people have been able to purchase the beds that are like hospital beds. good luck to you!!

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I tried propping up the head of the bed. I tried the wedge plus a pillow. I tried both together. I just ended up sliding down and got almost flat. We had to bite the bullet and buy an adjustable bed. Some of these are very expensive but if you look around you should find one that's not too expensive. The one we got was about $1500.00...better than like $8k.

Good luck my friend!

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I use a bedge www.bedge.com. Works better for me than raising the entire bed.

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I find it very difficult. I have tried a wedge, propping up with pillows. We even bought an adjustable bed. I still aspirate.

i am back on the couch, wedged in the corner. I sleep very lightly. And my husband checks on me during the night to make sure I have not slid down. I have had two encounters with pneumonia. I hate the night time.

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I have a kingsize bed and tried raising the head with blocks but my bed also had areas under it besides just at the head board that had adjustment legs.  I ended up ordering a Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge-King Size  from Contour Products.  Google it and you'll find them. I think it was a couple of hundred dollars.  It is basically a heavy duty vinyl air bag that goes under the head of your matress.  It has a handheld inflate/deflate controller so you can raise or lower the amount of incline to best fit your comfort level by airing it up or letting air out of it.  It's worked great for me and I would recommend it over the foam wedges that they sent home with me from the hospital.  When I am away from home I prop myself up with pillows.  I have slid down before as well and I have aspirated maybe 4 times since surgery and is like fire in my throat and lungs when it happens.  I eat a handfull of Tums and cough for about an hour after an episode so I do whatever I can to prevent that from happening.  Not eating after 9 PM s key for me as well.  

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