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Question about K-RAS mutation and treatment

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Hello wise people
I am in Scandinavia and I have a question to all of you in other countries about K-RAS mutation and available treatment options.

My mom has colon cancer stage 4, with mets to liver and lungs. No surgeries. Ca 20 tumors in liver, largest ones measuring 5 cm. At the time of diagnosis in Nov. 2011 she started Folfox. 4 month break, then Folfiri in Oct. 2012. No Avastin due to family history of blood cloths.

We've just been told she has K-RAS (and BRAS?) mutation, so she can't have the third line treatment of Cetuximab/Erbitux or Pantumumbab/Vectibix. The doctors said her only options now are Folfox and Folfiri.

I was so sure there were other treatments than Folfox or Folfiri, even with KRAS-mutation?

My worry is that there are in fact working drugs, but that they are not available or offered in my country. The doctors even said flat out (the time they denied us Neulasta) that the US health care system often offered better treatments, for those who could pay of course. Yes, we are thankful for our free healthcare here, but sad if it limits our options!

My mom is terrified at the thought of Folfox again due to the neuropathy. With only two possible treatments, I am worried for her body becoming immune to them. I was hoping for more alternatives.

Am I right in taking this all as bad news? Can anyone enlighten me a little? :)

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I have done some searching on the internet for any available options.

I found the following which is about a clinical trial done in Denmark. It has been completed but no results were posted. You mom's doctor may be able to find out something if you share this with him

Pemetrexed and Gemcitabine


I also found this site with an article from Barcelona, Spain which he also might research


Lastly and more importantly I found the following

Regorafenib Lengthens Survival in Colorectal Cancer With KRAS Mutations


I hope that something from one of these will be of help for your mom.

Marie who loves kitties

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i am just amazed at how you find these good sites & how you care for others to do the research. thank you

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Regorafenib was approved in the US about two months ago. I don't know if its available to you but my oncologist said they were getting some positive results in patients who are KRAS mutant.

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This is a good site that explains treatment options for several types of Colon Cancer. NCCN.COM (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) KRAS and BRAF mutations have different treatments due to better results over a large volume of people.

Best Always, mike

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Here at Spain we had the same problem, the oncs only offer Folfox or Folfiri, Regorafenib is not approved here and the Clinical trial is not possible for those like my mom haven't been on Avastin.

In the case of my mom the primary tumor was K-RAS mutated but to enter in a Clinical Trial they did a liver biopsy and then found that the liver lesions were K-RAS wild and she had Cetuximab plus Irinotecan for 12 rounds and the liver lesion shrink to the half.


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