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Whining a little bit...

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I'm very frustrated....I realized a couple days ago that I was released from the hospital for the shingles two months ago! I wish I hadn't come to that realization, because now I'm frustrated and impatient. I expected to be done with this shingles stuff by now. I'm still dealing with nerve activity (numbness, tingles, and 'electrical shooters') and my left eye still doesn't function right. It stays dilated and is bloodshot.

I saw the eye doc again on Tues and she offered the same solution she has offered all along...steriod drops, a drop that keeps the eye dilated, and an antibiotic drop. The only difference is this steriod isn't as potent so I can use it longer...3 to 4 weeks. The hope is that this combo will "break" the places where the iris is "stuck". If this doesn't work, then the eye issue is likely permanent. If it is permanent, I get to live with it. The only other option would be surgery, and the risks outweigh the benefit.

I see my onc on Friday, chemo on Friday too. And I'm just so tired of all this....

Thanks for listening to me whine and rant.



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I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this. It must be terrible and incredibly frustrating. You go ahead and vent all you like. You always maintain a positive attitude here on the boards and are many times the voice of reason and calm. I certainly hope that the eye drops help fix the problems you are experiencing immediately! You deserve it. I have my fingers crossed.

All the best,

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Sometimes we just have to whine a bit. (Heaven knows, I've done more than my share of whining lately!) And I know that the issues from Shingles can last a long time. I hope that yours resolve soon.

And yes, I understand being tired of all this.

Feel better.


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That is not whining! You have been through so much and have been just incredibly brave. I am praying that this new regimen will help. I think, with shingles, it may be better to view recovery in weeks, rather than hours or days. It will slowly get better--it just feels like forever.

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Dear Linda,

I have uveitis (inflammation of the uvea*) and I do know there is limitation to how long you can use steroids.
I did have cataract surgery which allowed me to use steroids a lot longer. I am now on half the dose steroid drops for my eyes 4x a day, Methotrexate, some kind of ointment and false tears.

To make my eyes feel better I am allowed (he actually demands) that I use those false tears to keep my eyes feeling like they are not being scrubbed by a brillo pad. Perhaps you can use the false tears? I use the Walmart brand "Systane" eye drop lubricant. Ask your doctor if it will make you feel more comfortable.

Do hope that it won't be permanent. Mine are chronic meaning for life. I am not happy with it but have learned to live with it. There are times, I have sharp pain in my eyes, I have learned to ignore it. You really can ignore it.

You have full right to complain, what you have gone through and continue to be doing, is a just plain awful!


*The uvea consists of the iris, choroid and ciliary body from Mayo Clinic. I didn't memorize that part.

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Linda, I don't think we ever see one another as complainers or whiners given the situation. I pray and hope this passes quickly and your eye heals. Sending hugs,


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so sorry...I know my mom many moons ago had them and it was terrible...I have never had so I can't relate but feel for you...


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I can't believe it's been two months either. It seems like yesterday. I'm sorry to hear you are still having problems and hope the steroid drops work for you to make your eye better. You certainly don't need to live with another problem. You have been through the wringer lately and deserve a break. I don't mind listening to you whine at all. I'm glad you are here expressing your thoughts, whine away.


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Praying for you Linda, and sending you positive thoughts. Ditto on what others are saying, It's never whining and I can't even imagine the pain and frustration that you are dealing with.
Miles of "Healing" Love,

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You are frustrated, angry and in pain. You are not whining! All that you have gone thru -- there is no whining .. shingles on top of all the other side efforts, sores, aches, pain and loss of your independence --.

You have handled all this with the grace of a Princess -- and Saint.

Praying for a speedy recovery -- and relief.

Vicki Sam

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