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Hi All. I am KTeacher's sister. I am reporting to you on her surgery, which occured last Thursday, and her recovery from same.

The oncologist removed her eye and much tissue surrounding the eye and orbit area. He followed the optic nerve back as far as he could.

Reconstruction surgery went great. The microvascular plastic surgeon moved alot of fat from her arm into the void made from the removal of the eye, took a vein from the underside of her arm to reconnect the blood supply, and took a piece of skin from her arm and made a "flap graft", almond-shaped, to cover where her eye was. He then took a piece of skin from her thigh to cover the spot on her arm. At the point on the thigh they were able to just pull it together. They said she withstood all well.

Report on the cancer removal not so good. Doc followed the optic nerve all the way back to her skull and never found "clean margins". Took out as much diseased tissue and nerve as he could. We will not really know the results, though, until pathology comes back. Hoping to "zap with a pinpoint" with radiation the spot where the optic nerve goes into the skull and "scatter it" around her cheeks. Might not ever know if the cancer is radiation resistant, was missed by previous radiation, or what. Still don't know whether or not they will do chemo.

The first 72 hours are critical in watching the graft over where her eye was. They had her in a special unit and monitored the graft every hour. There is a 90% success rate on the flap graft, blood clots and infection being the main issues to watch for. She is expected to be in the hospital for one week.

On Saturday they decided the graft was swelling too much and full of blood. The doctor removed sutures under the graft and inserted a tube into the eye socket to drain. He removed a few blood clots that were starting. They left the graft open, to drain, until Tuesday. It was resewn and all looks well.

Her arm was initially put into a cast. It was removed today and is in a brace, to inhibit movement, but removeable so she can put ointment on it and keep it moist.

She is healing very well. So well, in fact, that they sent her home (to my house, which is closer to the hospital) today. She will rest, heal, be treated with TLC, and go back to see the microvascular plastic surgeon on Tuesday. It is our understanding that she will be given the pathology report at that time. The preliminary plan is to do radiation (again) with the hope that this time it will get rid of the nasty cells.

Will update when there is anything to report. She sends her hellos to you all.

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I am thinking of her and her loved ones. She is one strong woman and hope the future will be long and healthy for her. Thank god she has such a caring sister.


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What an ordeal, she is an amazing woman to have gone thru all of that. I will continue to keep her in my prayers for a speedy recovery and the best pathology possible. Thanks for keeping us posted and give her a huge hug and cheers from southern California!

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KT'S Sister,
Please send her our love and let her know our support and prayers are always here for her and all of her wonderful support system ! (YOU !) Tell her I'll be thinking only positives and what a wonderful inspirational fighter she is ! Katie

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Hoping and praying for good outcomes and better days ahead.



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Thank you for taking such good care of our friend......she is such an inspiration...

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My thought and prayers for recovery and hope radiation can get the rest of it.

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D Lewis
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We are holding Bev close in our hearts, and hoping for the best possible outcome. Send her our love.


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Pam M
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Wish there could have been better news up-front on the cancer. Good to hear that she has a strong support base - bless you - it makes us feel good to see that one of our own is cared for. Hoping the healing continues to go well.

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What an ordeal, please let KT know that she is in our thoughts and prayers. God never gives us more than we can handle, but there are times that I think he believes our capabilities are much greater that we would like.

KT's lucky to have the strong loving and caring support network. Please let her know that we are all thinking of her and wishing her a speedy recovery.

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Prayers for Bev and her family continue. Thinking of her daily, she is an inspiration to all of us.


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Thank you for the update. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you dealing with her terrible cancer.


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and am relieved to know she is out of the hospital and in her loving sisters care. Praying that the rads will destroy any remaining cancer cells.


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She is now home at sister's house. Sister is not her MAIN GREAT caregiver but it is her wonderful husband, Don. Bev says thank you for all the thoughts and kind words. Getting stronger each day. Shirley (seeing-eye caregiver)

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say we are keeping track of your updates and want her to know we wish her well and she is in our prayers.

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Praying for you! Ann

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is such an inspiration to me, I pray that she heals and is able to get on with her life, a good, healthy life..she deserves it

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Such a wonderfully strong women ...enjoy her posts and we miss her.

Be sure and tell her hugs and love from her online family...prayers are continuing for her, her husbanc and her entire family.



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