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Surgery and I'm Still Here

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Surgery went well. More extensive than thought it was going to be but all turned out well. They had difficulty getting me to come out of anesthesia. Don't remember a lot about it but remember groaning in terrible pain while going in and out of consciousness. Could hear them talking about what to do but then would go back under. Then remember looking up and seeing four nurses looking at me and wondering what was going on. All day Monday they were watching me like a hawk. My oxygen level wasn't coming up so they wanted me to wear an oxygen mask all day/night. Tuesday was a much better day and today so all set to go home until they looked at that stupid little ball that holds the blood/fluid drainage and it was just too much for them so they checked me again this afternoon and felt it was better for me to stay here just in case it was a suture leak internally, that way they can get me back into surgery if need be. Don't think it's nothing serious though, just think they want to make sure. Really wanted to go home though as I've not slept in 3 nights. I'm serious, you've got anyone from blood pressure/pills/blood draws/check ins/mechanics (yup I'm serious). Can't they all just get together and pick a time and all come in at once? Also this afternoon my little blood ball started leaking all over my leg, gown and binder - geez, it's been one thing after another since I've been here.

Should be going home tomorrow but we will see. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

Hope everyone's surgery and tests went well. Well doctor is ready to make his rounds. Hope he has some good news for me.

Hugs! Kim

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Get better!

I guess we've finally found an anesthestic that works for you - Profofol:)

No twilight - only nite nite.

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Glad it went well for the most part. Maybe you didn't want to wake up from
the anesthesia because you knew you wouldn't sleep well the other nights!
Hospitals are the worst place to try and rest for sure. All night long it's either
the sounds of machines, being tested for this or that, or a roommate who snores.

Get home and get well soon

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you're ready to escape! I think we heal better at home, and it sure is more peaceful!!

Here's to a speedy and uneventful recovery.


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I know what you mean - when I had surgery in June, I told night shift nurse to not wake me up in middle of night. They let me sleep from midnight to 6 am. I was so tired after first night not getting sleep , vitals at midnight, blood sugar check at 2 am, lab at 3 am, vitals again at 4 am - I had enough, but really didn't get real sleep until I got home. Glad surgery went well and hope you get to go home tomorrow.
Sandy :)

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Glad to hear that the surgery went well and you are anxious to get home.

All who have been in hospital for more than one night can certainly sympathise with what you are going thru about sleep interruptions!

If doc gives you any grief about heading home, ask him for his personal phone number so you can call him every time someone disturbes your rest...then maybe he will see that you are better off at home...lol.

Wishing you a speedy and good recovery.


Marie who loves kitties

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Glad to hear it went well. Hope you get home soon. I'm sure you're relieved to have it it over and done with.


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you get good news and get out of there tomorrow. There's no place like home! Hugs, Dan

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but just don't rush home fast, rest and relax, an extra day in hospital sometimes is like an insurance policy. rest and heal my friend.


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Hoping healing goes well for you!!!

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So glad the surgery is behind you and you can start healing. People think you rest a lot in hospitals but we all know the real truth. Hope you get home soon so you can rest!

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glad surgery went well, and you are feeling better.
all the best

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Hope you get to go home soon so you can get some real rest.

Brenda Bricco
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Good to hear from you Kim! I pray you get all good news and get home soon.

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I hope your doctor has some good news for you too!
Isn't technology wonderful? We can keep in touch across the miles and through the hospital walls. Makes it a little less lonely while you're there.
Hang tough and get well soon~

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you have my prayers for a quality recovery. I know what you mean about hospitals - they are the worst place for sleeping! But we have to do what the doctors say. Get better soon!!!


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Hope to hear your home soon, getting some rest. I'm glad the surgery is behind you.
Here's to healing in the peace of your own home.

Caring light.

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so it is good that you have an extra stay. i do know how it is when you want to go home but it is good they are keeping a close check on you. i am so glad everything went good. praying for a quick recovery & praying your pain is not bad. go easy & take care.

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so glad all went well..
take it slow.. recovery is essential.

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Sending more prayers your way.
Have a speeeeedy recovery.
God Bless

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Why is there always something. Kim it sounds like you'll do okay once you get away from the hospital. They need to monitor your recovery by intrupting it as much as possible so they know you are recovering? I don't get it either. Hugs Lou

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I'm glad your surgery went well and you're on the road to recovery!!!
Hugs back at you,
Winter Marie

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Hi Kim - glad things went well and I'm sorry it was a bigger surgery than you/they thought it would be. I hope you continue to improve and recover quickly.


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hope you are feeling better and finally getting some rest! keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for healing and feeling better.

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This is such great news. Pray for a quick and complete recovery. Jeff

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Kim Im so glad your surgery is done. Hopefully you are recovering well.

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Blessings to you Kim for a quick recovery. I would imagine it is a great relief to have this surgery behind you. Take care now.


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