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Long 3 week trip

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Hi all, have not been around for a while, was locked up in a hospital bed. I had a small piece of my lung removed at Hershey, all was good until I got Atrial Fibrilation, I was kept another 3 days. The left the catheter in with instructions to have my urologist get it out. I left the hospital. When I met with my urologist he said leave it in for another week, he will then do some king of probe to see the size of the prostate and anything else. I told him I was in pain and thought Ihad a urinary tract infection. He said no I did not, two days later I had to remove the catheter due to pain. (an RN did the actual removal) on Monday night I started gettin severe chills and my temp was 102, called an ambulance which took me to my local hospital. They had a nurses aid to insert a catheter as I could not pee.The girl could not get it in and cause all kinds of lacerations to my urinary tract and bladder, there was blood all over place. Finally they took me to a room where a urologist placed the catheter, I did have a very serious urinary tract infection and blood infection. my urine was blood red and a couple of times a clot got stuck causing much pain. They kept almost 2 weeks, I lost ten pounds. at one point I had a fever of 103.5. but home now and trying to resume doing things, still feel crappy. Denis

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Sorry to hear that you've been run thru the mill and back. Glad to hear you are home and hopefully nothing but clear sailing from here on out.

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I'm so sorry you had to go thru all this (actually I feel myself feeling a little ticked off)...I can't believe the Urologist blew you off like that, when checking urine for infection isn't exactly a long drawn out test.

You sure didn't need the extra crap, that's for sure. Hoping that you start feeling better quickly now that they have a handle on the infection...Sending you a prayer, and if ya want, I'll tuck you into my pocket for a while...


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I'd be pi**ed off. Sorry, I just had to say that. Glad you survived the ordeal. Onward and upward.


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You brought back some fond memories of the ICU. I had the urinary catheter replaced twice. Once was the most painful experience ever. The second time, the catheter was inserted slowly (over about 15 minutes, really) and a lot of lidocane was used.

If it were not for respiratory therapy and those catheter-inserting nurses, the ICU stay would have been just plain boredom. However, I missed out on having a urinary infection. Denis, you seem to get it all. How do you do it?

Rest up. You need to get yourself ready for the next round. I'm resting up also. So I can face those little challenges that are ahead of me. Rick.

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Good lord, what a trip from hell you've had. I was wondering how you were, and hoping nothing but good news. It sounds like things are doing some better hunh ? I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers ! Katie

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That really sounds like hell!! I can't believe the urologist didn't take you seriously and do a test, it only takes a second and it's not invasive ugh! That is not ok as far as I'm concerned. I hope you rapidly improve and feel as close to normal as possible.
Take care and be well.

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How in the hell have you been, LOL...

WOW, you have been through the ringer..... I think you better hang out here more often, it seems to be safer for you.

Well, anyways...sorry for all of that you have recently endured...hopefully you are and will stay on the road for recovery.


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Hi Denis,

Now I feel crappy too, but I will get over it and so will you. Sounds like tough sledding every direction. I hope you get a good chance to rest up and regain your footing. Man oh man!



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Denis ....

So sorry you had to deal with all of that ....

Whispered prayer you would not feel crappy and things will get better....

Keep us posted,


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Pam M
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Just when you could really use a break, this happens? Sorry you had to go through all that. Hoping you can start feeling more like yourself soon - I'm sure you are wiped out.

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you sure are a adventurist. so looking for your time home now is all good and each day gets better.

prayers for fast healing


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And this is why I love this forum.. it makes me appreciate all the little things. For the next few days, I'll feel lucky just by going to the restroom without worries. Denis, I hope you'll soon re-join the club of happy sprinklers!


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Hey Denis, I am sorry to hear about your horrible experience, but glad to hear that you got thru it, and you are on the road to recovery. Hopefully, your doc will listen to you and evaluate you more thoroughly if you ever, and I hope that you don't, have a similar situation in the future. I also hope that you are feeling good enough to have a great, or close to it, weekend.


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