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Update from Chris and LInda

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It's been a while since I wrote and probably some of you won't recognize us, but we're headed into our 8th year of ovarian cancer treatments for my wife Linda. She's had a couple remissions over that time but last year and this proved how difficult this disease can be to beat. She had colon resection surgery last December and they put her on Tamoxifen following a difficult previous fall on platinum drugs and the Tamoxifen proved to weak to hold the cancer off. It spread to lungs and liver.

The reason we had to go to T was lack of availability of Doxil on the medical market. Finally in April it became available again but not before the new rise in CA-125. Linda was crushed after all that work. To make matters worse, the company where I worked fired me the day after I let them know she was back in treatment. I'd called in for the first time in a year to miss an afternoon of work for personal reasons and they were so compassionate I decided to let them know about Linda. Met with them the next morning and they told me I could have any help and time I needed.

Well, earlier that week I'd posted a small client comp on a personal website that no one ever saw and I took it down within 2 minutes at their request. It had only been up for a few hours from Sunday night to Monday morning. They used that as the excuse for firing me.

Not the first time we've had insurance problems related to cancer with small companies. They are so paranoid about the rising rates of insurance they'll do anything to cut you off.

The good news is that Linda's cancer has stabilized and her counts are down to 100 from a high of 800 CA-125. Other than some very sort hands and some digestive issues from the surgery, she's doing great, albeit permanently without hair.

She's teaching preschool again and loves the kids. Our kids are both doing great, one out of college and one finishing up.

It's been quite a journey with both fear and hope intertwined like the DNA of life.

We pray that we can keep the cancer at bay and live a generally tolerable life for a while.

I have been out of work, but working on contract, for these months but we've had some amazing help and I had an interview with an invitation to join a firm so hope that works out.

I'll check the board to see who else is facing challenges, and have hope, ya'll.


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I certainly recognize you and am so glad for your update. It's so good to hear that Linda is stable and teaching again. Best of luck with your interview.

I'm a 6 1/2 year survivor and have been on chemo for the past 3 years. It's such a hard road, but I'm remaining stable. (((HUGS))) Maria

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Thank you for your post, best of luck to you and your wife.

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for checking in. Sorry Linda has been going through so much but glad to hear she is enjoying her work. Good luck to you on your job offer. Linda is a long-time fighter and gives us all hope that we can be around for a long time.

My best to the both of you.


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Been thinking about you both and continuing prayers.

How wonderful that through all of this Linda was able to get back to teaching. Teaching is so rewarding, and I'm sure the children give her much joy.

As for you, so sorry to hear you have lost your job. I don't suppose you can file some sort of complaint? How awful to go through that when you are dealing with so much already. Hopefully, that invitation will turn into something wonderful for you both.

Also happy to hear your children are doing well! Itis so gratifying as parents when we see our children succeeding and doing well for themselves.

Thank you for updating us, Chris. Again, my thoughts and prayers to you both. Linda's numbers are wonderful! May they continue to come down, and may you both be able to enjoy life together, one day at a time!


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Who needs hair when you are a warrior like Linda ! Good luck with your job situation, you so don!t need that added stress. Eight years is so inspiring, I am two and a half years in and hope to keep fighting until they find a way to help us.

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Thanks so much for checking in with us. I hope things work out for you job-wise and I pray that Linda's numbers keep coming down. Both of you are inspirations to us all.

Take care,


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