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Blood transfusion

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Wow, two posts in two days...thanks for being here, everyone! Anyway, my husband will be having a blood transfusion in the morning. He has been off of chemo (reminder, he has lung mets and was on a study) since the second week of September. Taken off the study because of blood counts. Two different doctors (our new oncologist and our internist) mentioned his counts were such "no one would fault us for doing a blood transfusion." However, neither said to do it. He really has been declining lately and the internist - just today - said alot of it could be due to being severely anemic. Well, I started to make some calls and he has the procedure in the morning. Figure it can't hurt!

Now that I have vented, have any of you had this procedure and did you feel better after it? I sure am hoping that this will give him some energy again...

This is also another example of you have to be your own advocate!



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which were chemo only (Cisplatin and 5FU), I went in three times for transfusions....OMG what a difference it made in how I felt. It's not an instant "feel good", usually took 12 hours or so, but it was a huge difference. I hope a tranfusion does the same for your husband.


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Definitely should give him more energy and if your internist recommends it I would go with it, because they don't transfuse as liberally as in the past. I hope your husband will be able to continue with his treatments eventually and am wishing , hoping , and praying for him to be well


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Thank you! Twelve hours? Feels like nothing after the many weeks he has been feeling so poorly. Thank you for your responses!

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