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My beautiful ornament has arrived!!!

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Thank you Ctine for the beautiful ornament. It is beyond perfect. It arrived on Saturday a day after I saw Barbara Streisand at the Hollywood Bowl. She sang a song called "Here's to Life" it was so emotional for meand when I openned your package I broke out in tears remembering her song. The ornament really signifys the way I feel about my health these days. I just love it Thank you again. Love Surf

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So glad you like it! Hope you are doing well
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

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Jean 0609
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An ornament and Barbra Streisand all in one day. You are a lucky girl!


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I love these stories. It has become a happy and inspirational part of the holidays for me. Yay!

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Different Ballgame
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Hi Surf,

Can you describe the beautiful, perfect ornament? We are creative and thoughtful and it's so much fun to see what we come up with in pleasing our sister.

Lots of Hugs,

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How wonderful that your Secret Santa found the perfect ornament for you! May you capture the joy you felt, each and every time you see this gift!

Vicki Sam

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