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so I had my surgery a week ago today and am recovering, its hard,but just taking one day at a time. My staples come out on the the 16th and hoping i will feel even better when they come out.

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It's a bit of a process, but taking one day at a time is all you can do. Walk around the house several times a day to help healing and your strength. Keep up your liquids, protein and other nutritional needs (also aids healing). Getting those staples out will be a big relief, too!

(((HUGS))) & Prayers,

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thanks monika for the words of encourgement it made me feel better i am walking around the house as much as possible the eating is a different story still no appetite and food doesnt taste all that great but i am trying

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Glad to be done
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Glad to here the surgery went well. Have you gotten you pathology report back yet?

I didn't have staples with my surgery - she basicly glued me shut but I remember having them with my c sectiion. They hurt and it felt soooooo much better after they were removed.

Take it day by day. You need to eat to keep your energy up. Try little doses at a time

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Hope today is better than yesterday. Welcome to our group. One day at a time is a great attitude. Please let us know if we can help!
((((HUGS)))) Maria

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Hi Maria thanks for the wishes today is much better, my stomach is not as stiff and the staples are coming out on friday so hopefully i will feel even better

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so i had my surgery on november 6th here it is a week later and i have vaginal bleeding not a lot but enought to wear a pad. Is that normal for that to happen a week later

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I would let your doc know. I had a total hysterectomy on Oct 2, 2012. I did not have any bleeding but I also did not feel like eating much. That is common. Just try real hard though. It will help with your recovery. Maybe eat small meals. Also, make sure you have a bowel movement everyday. Did you get any results back from your surgery? Oh, and it does feel better when the staples come out. Something to look forward to.

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