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Pink Bus tomorrow at 2:00

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Off to the surgeon's tomorrow...


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Riding along with you! Good luck tomorrow
Lets us know how you make out
Hugs Christine

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I'll be right there with you. If you need a hand to hold just reach out and mine will be there. Hope all goes well.


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Best wishes tomorrow. I call shotgun!

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ok but postponed until Friday am....I got a call to confirm my appt (HOME voicemail) then they called me at 4:00 to say we are canceling your appt with THE PA tomorrow since more then LIKLEY YOU really NEED surgery, so you will see the surgeon on Friday.

I called back after I got out of work (so I could talk, asked questions)

I was told my mammo, ultrasound and patholgoy dont' mesh/ jive so best to have surgery. There is NO sign of 'cancer' but want the spot/area removed. I was told like a lumpectomy (again) but small incision.

I am not a happy camper right now with all of this

The only appt I could get this week was on Friday am which is the same time as my grandson's vetrans concert-which I planned on attending. I took the appt since I am they kind of person to get things OVER asp and NOT wait. I do not how long of wait but I have already waited two weeks.

So hopefully you can all catch the bus Friday am 9:30


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