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First Time Visitor.. Would love to talk...

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Hi everyone... I was surfing the net to find out about first time visits to the oncologists, mine is tomorrow. I am here because within the last month I have had two bone biopsies on my illiac crest both came back benign. With that over, my doctor tells me your blood is telling us different and I need you to see a cancer doctor. I have no clue why or what to expect. The part in my pelvic bone that has a tumor which is benign has ate away the bone. ( Ya, I know...???? ) I don't believe I am going to the oncologist for the tumor, and my doctor hasn't said anything.. I am at a loss. I will find out tomorrow, but for now I am scared.. Even more so since I know the tumor is benign. Thank you..

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Take a list of questions with you and bring a friend or relative to the oncologist. with you if at all possible. . Of course, you're scared. Who wouldn't be? The American Cancer Society has a list of questions you might ask. I used it when my husband was dx. His oncologist answered them all without me asking them. That gave us a lot of confidence in him. Let us know how the appointment goes. We really do care, and you are not alone. Fay

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How did it go with the doctor appointment?

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