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Hi, I'm new

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Joined: Nov 2012

Just started now, I had breast cancer on my right side, had a simple mastectomy, undergoing chemo, then I will do radiation, then Tamoxifen.

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There are a lot of ladies here if you ever have questions to help you on this journey. It is one that no one wants to embark on. However, we are all on it together.

Wishing you the best with chemo, rads and Tamo.



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to help you along your journey. Hope the chemo is going well - keep us posted - take good care
much love,

Pink Rose
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Hi! I'm new here too. I had a lumpectomy and radiation treatments. I wish I'd known about this site before as there is a wealth of information on here. Good luck to you!

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Hi and welcome to the boards,I'm a two year survivor,please come here on the boards anytime for support were here for each other.~~MollyZ~~

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welcome...sorry we had to meet this way..but good you found this site..


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Welcome and I'm sorry for your diagnoses, but glad you found us. I know there are tons of people on here with your same regimen, I'm triple negative. Please check back often and again welcome!!
Miles of Love,

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and want to welcome you, also. You'll find wisdom, comfort, caring and love from these wonderful friends, and the door is open 24 hrs a day! Hugs, Linda

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Hi to you! I love your name. How did you come up with that? I bet there's a good story there.

Hugs, Angie

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best site there is. There are so many wonderful sisters here that will help you on your journey. Any time you have a question, need to vent or just want someone to be there for you, we are here for you.
Just always remember that you can do this!


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We're glad you are here, but not for the reason that brought you. You will find lots of willing ears to listen, answers to questions, and the best tips anywhere for dealing with it all. Keep us posted on your progress!

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Hi welcome aboard. Sorry you have to be here. Don't be afraid to ask anything, we are all here to support each other

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Welcome. I could not walk my path without the help of all the kindred spirits here. I hope that you find many friends here, as I have.



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Hey! You've got a rowdy bunch of pink sisters now on your side. It's nice to meet you and hope to see you posting more.

Hugs, Debby

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to your journey, im new too and these wonderful men and women are a vast wealth of knowledge and encouragement, praying for you and your family, you can never have too much support.

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I am new here too but I just wanted to say Hi.

I wish you the best in your upcoming treatments.


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I am sorry we had to meet this way. I want to wish you a quick and smooth recovery on your journey. You will do great.

I was dx at 32. Did lumpectomy, radiation, chemo and now taking tamox. On year 2 now (amazing how time flies!).

Keep us posted on your progress. When do you start chemo? What kind are you getting? I took AC/T.


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I remember I joined this site 2 months ago and it feels like longer than that. I don't check in too often but I understand how it feels. I said the same thing then. Take it day by day, try to digest everything in your own way. Grieve, shout, cry if it makes you feel better.i still do...I thought I have been fine and ok for the past weeks or so,until about 2 days ago,it was rough because i started my chemo today. Thanks God everything went fine, I just hope that it won't it won't be too rough the next few days...but if it will, this too will pass.I cannot imagine that I am talking this way now, I was myself very devastated and very weak then... But this journey has been a life saver in a way, I am stronger both body and spirit. Take care and God bless!

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