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Got through it--OT

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The colonoscopy that is. You ladies were right. The prep is the worst! That first glass had me gagging right from the get go. I used a straw too! It was a long hour and a half getting that stuff down my throat. But immediately after that last sip, BINGO! The earth stood still, the angels were singing, the planets aligned .... smooth sailing.

Today I had the procedure and it went well. I love taking naps like that. No polyps! Diverticulosis and internal hemorrhoids. Doc just called and said I will need follow up in 3 years because of the family history (brother has the polyp issue). I told him NEVER AGAIN. He said "We'll see". As far as my condition, he said not to worry and he doesn't want to make this more than it is.


Now ... I have 2 weeks to get my nerves on edge because of the next ct scan. That's on the 26th. I don't think about it until is draws near. Hubby said "what do you expect?" I told him I HOPE that I dodged another bullet. Then he says "remember...you stopped the Arimidex." Yes I did. I haven't thought about BC since stopping it. That is a good thing for me. I hate being reminded of this disease. No less being reminded for the next 5 years. I do pray I made the right decision to stop this stuff. It's truly a double edged sword. It's supposed to stop recurrence yet it has so many side effects. Ones I can do without. I feel great and my mind is back to focusing on life again. Not "what if".

So, maybe the waiting game will end with this next scan. I am having it done at Sloan Kettering for the first time. My TS suggested this after seeing 3 ct scans that were all very confusing.


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Jean 0609
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Thanks for checking in. I was thinking about you today. Glad to hear things went well. I have to have a colonoscopy every five years because my Mom had colon cancer. I guess all doctors are different.

Fingers crossed and prayers being sent that your scan is good too. We will all be there with you.


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So glad you got through the colonoscopy, stay strong and we will be praying for your CT scans to come back fine as I'm sure they will. Stay strong. God Bless !!!

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Glad you got that over with. Stay strong and positive for the next test. I know how hard that is to do--I try to pretend all is well and live "as if" it is until I know anything otherwise.

You'll be on my prayer list.

Hugs, Renee

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Way to go Mary! Good job and good results--Yay!!! Praying for more of the same on the next test.

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So happy that it is over now! Praying for you!

Hugs, Diane

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Glad you made it thru with good results too! Hoping all goes well with your CT scan too ....Sue D

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The prep is the most difficult part of the procedure.

Interesting about your brother, and him finally opening up to you regarding
his health issues regarding his colon. Maybe you may have to spearhead the
conversation with your remaining siblings.

Happy that your colonoscopy is behind you (LOL).

Vicki Sam

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Happy to hear it is over...

I have had 21 and they dont' ever get better...

ONCE I get IV in and sent to lala land I am good...hehe


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You got through it. I can understand your apprehension about the CT scan comming up. Perhaps if you are taking all the rest of the meds you had been perscribed you will still fare well. I think they give a lot of meds to attack the cancer from more than one angle. Will put you on the prayer list for a good outcome.

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Yippee!!! You did it! I know it is tough, but isn't it a relief? I hate them too, but having just watched my little sister's mother-in-law die of colon cancer this past year, having seen my dad struggle with a colostomy, and never really getting to know my uncle who died of colon cancer--well I guess I will continue to do the colonscopies. Big hugs!!!

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Congratulations on your colonoscopy tests results. That is wonderful news. I will be sending prayers and positive thoughts to you on the 26th.


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