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Last week of treatment

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Well, like many have said the treatment bus ride has been rough, but seemed to go by fairly quickly. I think the long train ride back to "normal" will take more time, god knows I am not a patient man.
I am down to 5 radiation treatments left and even though I know I will survive them I am not looking forward to the week. My throat is so sore and burned inside. As many of you will recall nausea has been my biggest demon, and now the last 5 to 10 days I feel I may be starting to get a handle on it.
I am currently not taking any antinausea drugs, pain drugs or anything but pallative care. A lot of my issues were nutrition related (down 50+ lbs)and I am currently living on about 30 ounces of malt o meal and some minimal food additives, ie sugar, fruit, lots of water, unfortuneately my caloric intake is around 1000 only about 1/3 of what I need but it is keeping me alive and bringing stability to my digestive system.
I don't know why we use such a small tube for pegs, I would have like to have had one I could drop a hamburger through, and I know I would be better off now.
I hope everyone has a good week, and I am looking forward to being on the train soon, next stop...."normal".

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It's been a tough road for you. But you're almost done with treatments...thank god ! I love the statement about the peg and being big enough for a hamburger to fit ! You made me smile pretty darn big ! Thinking only positives for you ! Katie

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The road back to normal is allot easier than tx, there are lots of small pleasantries along the way, appreciating things as we get them back when we always took for them for granted B.C. (before cancer).

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Congrats on your last week. We are not far behind you..8 rads left. It won't come soon enough. Hope that soon you will be eating again and feeling better.


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Hot Hot Hot Chocloate.......

I think you'll be good to go for a nice cup of Hot Chocolate come Christmas Eve....

Don't forget to set out the milk and cookies for the fat man in the red suit.

Especially give thanks to the man above, watching over all of us.


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Hi Jim,

The “hamburger sized” PEG is for Elephants only, sorry.

Only 5 treatments left, whoa baby, feeling good about that. Don’t forget to invite someone in the rad room and to take pictures (if you want). Phrannie has a pic on her site that always gives me the shivers. My wife came in to see my last treatment and was blown away by the whole procedure.

Normal, new normal, abi-normal, we will wait and see.

Best always,


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I know even this last week (when you're looking at it from this end) seems like a long one, but it's the final one...you don't have to drag your butt to rads anymore. You can stay home sleep, eat, and heal (well the eating part might have to wait a tad)...but the sleeping and healing are on the table.

I know what you mean about a PEG big enough to accomodate a burger...that is till they yank it out...LOL...now I"m glad it's small!!


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